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Jack up the front passenger side and take off the tire. Pull up the flap so you can see the starter. Crawl under the truck, and looking up at the starter you will see it is attached by two bolts. Looking towards the front of the Blazer you will see two bracing rods coming from the front and bolted to the aluminum housing between the engine and transmission. The housing itself is secured by four bolts. Remove the bolts from where the rods attach, and the first three of the housing bolts, starting at the top near the starter and leaving the last bolt remaining in. You will then gently tug downward on the housing about 1/2 inch, using the remaining bolt as the pivot point. You will now remove the two bolts holding the starter itself. Going back to looking at the starter from the wheel well, you now need to detach the two wires going to the starter. Move the starter around a bit until you can see the nuts holding the wires on, and then detach the wires. You will need patience to take off the wires, and just as much when reattaching them later. It will be tight, but the starter can now be turned and removed. Just don't move the gear inside the starter or the flywheel and you should be able to bolt it right back in without worry. Reverse the procedure to re-install the starter.

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Q: How do you change starter out of a 1994 Chevy s-10 blazer?
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