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How do you change struts on a 2001 Mitshibushi Eclipse?

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2009-01-01 16:30:08

Step1 Lift the front end of the Eclipse with a floor jack, and

support it by the frame with jack stands. Use a tire iron to loosen

and remove the nuts holding on the wheels, and set the wheels

aside. Pop the hood, and locate the upper strut mounting nuts in

the frame. They're directly over the wheel wells.

Step2 Use a ratchet to remove the three upper mounting nuts

connecting the strut to the frame, but don't touch the nut in the

center yet. Under the Eclipse, find the damper fork at the bottom

of the strut. The strut is a set of hardware behind the wheel hub

that has a spring around it with the damper fork at the bottom.

Remove the stabilizer link nut holding the top of the damper fork

to the stabilizer bar. Unbolt the lower strut mounting bolt

connecting the strut assembly to the damper fork with the ratchet

and an adjustable wrench. Pull the strut out from under the car,

and repeat this step on the other side.

Step3 Compress the coil spring on the top of the strut, and hold

the piston rod or the stem directly below the upper hardware on the

strut with a wrench while you remove the upper strut nut. Lay out

each piece of the strut in the order you remove it from the

assembly so you can put it back together without any problems:

upper bracket assembly, spring pad, collar, upper bushing, cup,

bump rubber, dust cover and coil spring. Repeat this process on the

other strut assembly, and replace the shocks and any other parts

showing wear. Reassemble the struts, set the dial on your torque

wrench to 16 ft-lb and tighten the upper self-locking nut until you

feel the wrench slip. Remove the spring compressor.

Step4 Position the strut in the damper fork. Insert the mounting

bolt, and torque it to 70 ft-lb. Slide the strut studs through the

holes in the frame, and torque the upper mounting nuts to 33 ft-lb.

Attach the stabilizer link bar nut to the damper fork, and tighten

it according to the specs for the model year of your Eclipse.

Step5 Mount the front wheels, and lower the front end of the

Eclipse. Have a professional align the front end of the car.

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