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The EGR valve should be located towards the rear and center of the engine. Just remove the hoses and unbolt from the engine. Looks like a flying saucer or dashpot design

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Q: How do you change the EGR valve on a 96 3000GT?
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Where is the EGR valve in a 96 Isuzu Rodeo?

The egr valve is on the passenger side of the motor. It is a round canister at the back almost at the firewall.

Where is the egr valve located on a 96 sc2 Saturn?

Looking down on the engine, the EGR valve is to the right of the rocker cover, connected to the head.

Where is egr valve on 96 camaro?

behind your trotle body on top of your intake

How do you change the egr valve on a 96' dodge neon?

The EGR valve and electrical transducer should be replaced at the same time as they are matched. Remove EGR transducer from the air inlet duct. Disconnect vacuum supply tube from EGR transducer solenoid. Remove air inlet duct. Remove EGR tube to EGR valve screws. Remove EGR valve mounting screws. Remove EGR valve and transducer. Clean gasket surfaces. Discard old gaskets. If necessary, clean EGR passages. Loosely install EGR valve with new gaskets and finer tighten EGR tube fasteners. Tighten tube fasteners to 95 in lb, tighten EGR valve mounting screws to 200 in lb. Install air inlet duct. Connect vacuum supply tube to solenoid. Attach electrical connector to solenoid. Install EGR transducer onto air inlet duct.

Where is egr valve for 96 Geo Metro1.3?

The egr valve is located on the drivers side of the engine on the rear of the intake manifold. Its held on by 2 bolts and has a vacuum line on the top of the diaphram.

Where is egr valve in 96 maxima?

On the driver side firewall next to the evap and brake booster

P0401 egr insufficient flow replaced oxy sensor runs 300 miles ck eng lite on 96 acura tl?

If you have an egr valve failure why are you replacing th oxygen sensor? Most likely the EGR valve assembly is blocked or partially blocked. Often they build up exhaust deposits on the EGR valve and ports.

How do you bypass egr valve on 96 maxima?

Pull the black tube that connects to the top of the EGR valve itself and plug it with something. I used a metal coat hanger head but I recommend something metal that is non-flammable and straight.

Where is egr valve on 96 explorer?

On a 1996 Ford Explorer ( that has the 4.0 L EFI V6 engine ) the EGR valve is located on the drivers side of the engine beside the engine oil dipstick ( it is lower down and has a round top on it )

Where is the EGR valve located on a 96 Mazda MX-6 6-cylinder and will changing that clear a P1195 code EGR boost sensor circuit or is that a separate part?

the egr valve is located on the back left side of the engine. getting to it is easier from underneath the car. (up on jacks). I had the same thing on a 96 mx-6. we canged the egr boost solinoid sensor located on the air intake box

How do you repair a EGR for a 96 bronco 5.0 if the code comes up Engine light stays on?

you need to replace the egr valve it is located on top of the motor on the left side you need to replace the egr valve it is located on top of the motor on the left side. Most of the time it is the vacuum lines that come off the EGR valve that makes the check engine light come on. I changed my EGR valve and the engine light is still on with a code that said low vacuum check out full size they can answer any question you have

Where is the EGR pintle position circuit located on a 350 Vortec 96?

The sesor is located in the egr valve which is in the center of the engine, on top. just to the left of the thermostsat/heater hose entering the engine

How do you change the EGR valve on a 1997 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 L engine and is it something a reasonable person can do?

Well I have a '96 Cavalier with a 2.2 and I was actually looking at my EGR Valve today. Its actually very simple! I dont know if you know much about cars but if your looking at the motor from the front of the car, on the right hand side is the thermostat; right behind the thermostat is the EGR Valve. On the EGR valve is a plug. All you have to do is take that plug off of the top. Then on the EGR valve at the bottom is 2 bolts. Remove those bolts and pull off the existing EGR valve. If your new one didn't come with a gasket make sure not to ruin the old one. Now all you have to do is replace it the exact opposite way as taking it off. Its actually very simple. If you can remove two bolts then you can do it.

Where is the egr valve on a 96 Nissan pick up?

on my 97 hardbody ka24e the egr is under the breather behind the throttle body to the left a bit. It is round metal and has a diphragm under it you can press up on to close the valve which is one of the tests to see if it is failing.

Where do you find the egr on a 96 mercury villager?

The EGR valve is located on the top of the intake manifold rearward of the throttle crank under the cowl. If you suspect a problem with the system, you may want to check the EGR control solenoid, the EGR control backpressure transducer and all vacuum hoses.

Can an EGR valve cause shaking or hesitation?

EGR should turn on Service Engine light on 96 and later. The tube / pipe to the exhaust manifold can also become blocked. EGR could cause rough engine. Many other possibilities.

What causes high NOx on a 96 Honda Accord?

Check your EGR valve. I have a 95 Accord and failed with High NOx, double the limit. I replaced the EGR valve and cleaned the EGR ports on the intake, they are under the fuel rail. I passed on the second attempt. The ERG valve was 140.00. It took a few hours to scrape the carbon off the clogged ports, some carb cleaner helps.

What would cause the egr valve on your 96 buick roadmaster wagon LT1 engine to open to early the car runs rough at low rpm the egr is getting 15 inches of vacuum?

Maybe it's not closing all the way? I have a 96 roadmaster wagon and have been getting check engine light lately - code error is EGR related P0400. Found out there is service bulletin for corrosion problems with the valve.

Is there a way to clean the egr valve on a 1995 lumina instead of replacing it?

how to clean egr valvegood question. i have a 96 lumina and am suspectful of the egr valve in mine. i read that you can at least check to see if it is stuck open/closed. how you do this i don't know. i removed what i think is my egr valve and havent tried to take it apart. i did find star bit screw on the component that i can push in without any effort (there is obviously a spring inside cuz it pushes back out) . I'm thinking that this is a good sign also cleaning out the hoses that work with the egr valve should be part of the procedure.i could use help on this too.

What is the problem on 96 bronco 5.8 that idles rough except when you remove the vacuum line off the top of the egr valve everything has been replaced--egr iac egr sensor oxygen sensors?

check that the vacuum hose is not clogged up

96 cavalier intermittently dies when you stop then starts right up when you have the ac on then at times idling smoothly it almost doesnt seem like its running then other times its running super rough?

The EGR valve helps your car more efficiently and completely burn fuel by recirculating a portion of your exhaust and running it through the combustion process again. This results in a cooler, more complete burn of the fuel which decreases you car's noxious emissions by prohibiting the formation of some harmful gases. ProsThe EGR valve is vital to your car's emission controls.Cons When the EGR valve goes bad, it must be replaced.Description EGR Valve = Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve.The EGR valve controls formation of noxious emissions.Rough idle and poor acceleration can be caused by a faulty EGR valve.

Why is my 96 previa Check Engine Light on with a p0401 egr flow insufficient detected code when the fuel level is low Is it possible the code is wrong The CEL is on due to the fuel cap is old or leak?

i have the same truck and same code , it seems that there is a problem with the egr vsv electrical valve connected to the egr and it's not the modulator valve the one that looks similar to the egr but plastic this one has two hoses to it and an electrical connector

Explorer ltd 96 v6 4.0L. can a egr pump problem p0401 be reliated to 4th shift solenoid blocked - in otherword can the car computer refuse to shift on 4th P0761 if there is a egr valve problem. thanks?

P0401 is for insufficient EGR flow and P0761 is for the transmission shift solenoid 3 performance. They are not related and a bad or malfunctioning EGR valve would not set the transmission code.

What other Toyota's car egr valve will work on my 1996 Toyota Paseo?

I dont know what other egr valve will work, but I know they can be cleaned out and put back on the car. I have a 96 Paseo, and I soaked mine in carb cleaner and was able to get all the carbon out and put it back on the car and works fine.

Where is the EGR valve located on a 1996 Acura TL 3.2?

not sure about the 96 but they are similar to the 97. On the 97 you remove the plastic cover, the EGR valve is located on the left side (standing in front of and facing the car) to the rear of the engine about the 11 oclock position.Answerit should be under warranty - there was a recall or something