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Most of the automatic transmissions of this vintage (cars or pickups) on US-made vehicles that I have seen are lacking a transmission drain plug, which unfortunately makes changing the Transmission Fluid a potentially messy proposition. You can start by removing a few of the bolts holding the transmission fluid pan to the underside of the transmission, which will likely allow some of the fluid to drain out. While carefully holding the pan in place, remove the rest of the bolts, and remove the pan. It may be stuck to the transmission pan gasket. You can carefully pry the pan off, but be careful not to gouge the transmission housing, or bend the transmission pan. Once the pan is removed, there will be a transmission filter that should be replaced also. Don't forget a new transmission pan gasket. Make sure that all the old gasket has been carefully removed from the transmission housing and/or the transmission pan. Oftentimes when purchasing a new transmission filter, it will come with a transmission pan gasket- but be sure. One final note- removing the pan/draining the fluid will not remove the old fluid which is still in the torque converter. To do this, you'll need to have the transmission flushed by a transmission shop. It can be done by a DIY'er, but involves removing a line from the transmission cooler, and can get a little complex for the average in-front-of-the-garage-on-a-Saturday-afternoon-type repair. If your transmission has 100,000 miles on it and has never been flushed, flushing it may do more harm than good, as sediments can be dislodged within the transmission that could get lodged in the small orfices in various valves within the transmission.

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Q: How do you change the Transmission fluid on a 1999 Ford Ranger automatic transmission?
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