How do you change the abs control unit on a 99 Volvo S80 non turbo?

first locate the master cylinder assy mounted in to the fire wall under the hood. just in front of it on the lower section between it and the air cleaner housing is two connectors one the connector housing swivels up to unlock the other has a push tab on the side of it . unplug these connectors i believe both are grey in color.they are plugged in to the controller. the unit is held in place by (4) inverted torx very small bolts If i remember correctly there e5 is the size. remove the for inverted torx bolts two are easy to get to the other two you almost have to be a double jointed to get to but is possible. the units usally fall right of after removing the bolts the new unit can be installed in reverse order only installs one way or holes dont line up reinstall plugins attach anything that had to be removed take car for test drive see if any lights come on usally they dont because all codes were erased when unit replaced with new one. will take about an hour and half of your time. just make sure you match the new unit to car if it has traction control or not can make a difference best to have the number off old unit which should tell if its been superseded. might checkout on the net some places have rebuilt ones that are considerably less than a new one from volvo. hope this helps have a happy new year