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first locate the master cylinder assy mounted in to the fire wall under the hood. just in front of it on the lower section between it and the air cleaner housing is two connectors one the connector housing swivels up to unlock the other has a push tab on the side of it . unplug these connectors i believe both are grey in color.they are plugged in to the controller. the unit is held in place by (4) inverted torx very small bolts If i remember correctly there e5 is the size. remove the for inverted torx bolts two are easy to get to the other two you almost have to be a double jointed to get to but is possible. the units usally fall right of after removing the bolts the new unit can be installed in reverse order only installs one way or holes dont line up reinstall plugins attach anything that had to be removed take car for test drive see if any lights come on usally they dont because all codes were erased when unit replaced with new one. will take about an hour and half of your time. just make sure you match the new unit to car if it has traction control or not can make a difference best to have the number off old unit which should tell if its been superseded. might checkout on the net some places have rebuilt ones that are considerably less than a new one from Volvo. hope this helps have a happy new year

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How do you clean the idle air control valve on a Volvo 760 turbo?

Locate unit. (Under intake manifold.) Disconnect. Remove. Clean out unit with "Carb cleaner" or related. Reinstall. ;).

What ECU means on Volvo trucks fh420?

Engine control unit or electronic control unit.

How do you control the pressure for the fuel pump in a Volvo 740 gl none turbo?

There is a vacuum controlled pressure regulator on the fuel rail. Check for vacuum leaks. If the unit is faulty, it will often leak fuel into the vacuum line.

Your Volvo 940 keeps stopping when you are driving?

Had same problem with my 91. Foam inside the turbo unit was breaking down and clogging the turbo. Open the unit and see what state the foam is in. May be able to vacum out area else you will have to check all the hosing.

What is the number on a 1984 Volvo 240 ignition control unit?

Bosch 0 227 100 018

Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 95 Volvo 850 turbo and how do you change it?

There is one down past the turbo unit on the exhaust pipe (front) then after the catalytic converter (under a plate that cover it and exhaust pipe you must remove 4 screws to get at the sensor) is the rear you will need the special socket as the rear is kinda hidden

Location of Volvo 240 ignition control unit?

under the carpet panel on the passenger side, right in front of the door.

How do you know if your car is turbo?

Look on the exhaust system for the turbo unit.

How do you change the solenoid on the starter for a 1991 Volvo 740?

you have to take the starter out of the car and dismantle's an integral unit

Where is the oil sending unit on a 1994 7.3 turbo diesel non power stroke?

The oil sending unit is located on the top of the turbo on the 94 turbo diesel 7.3

I bought my Volvo with the driver's heater control knob broken How can I check to know whether the whole unit died or not?

ask chuck noris

What can you do if the turbo charger is not working?

either have the turbo unit rebuilt, or buy a new one.

Where is the Engine Control Unit located in a 2000 F250 7.3L Power stroke turbo diesel?

Inside the front drivers side quater panel.

Where is computer in 1995 Volvo 940?

On right-hand drive car the control unit can be found next to your right foot behind a plastic cover.

What is functions of control unit of alu?

what are the main functions of control unit what are the main functions of control unit

Where is the turbo on 2002 on a Audi a4?

Turbo position is on the right front next to the p/steering pump if your A4 is a turbo unit if not it mite be a A4 L only no turbo specification. You can not install turbo because the piston are different from the turbo engine.

Volvo 960 coil failed replaced it now only runs on 3 instead of 6?

one of the control unit is gone the location is below the air intake

AIR conditner relay VOLVO 850?

Need year, make, model but on most of them the a/c relay will be located on the climate control unit behind the glove compartment

After an attact you inspect M8 paper no color change?

Report the results to your Unit Control Center

Which unit of CPU control the overall operation of computer?

The control unit.

What is control unit in computer?

A control unit in a computer would be a CPU.

What ECU means on Volvo trucks?

engine controle unit

How do you initialize the ignition control unit in a 1986 Volvo 240dl?

Simply switch on the key to initialize and crank the engine to activate. What kind of problem are you having to ask this type question?

What is an ecu on automatic transmission on a Chrysler?

Electronic control unit or computerElectronic control unit or computer

What should you do next when you have prepositioned M8 paper with no color change?

Report the results to your Unit Control Center.

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