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There isn't a separate belt for the AC on my '93 Corolla, so I'm guessing that there isn't on the '97 either. It's run by the serpentine belt, and turned on or off by a clutch system on the compressor itself. If you're haveing trouble with the AC, I'd look at the compressor's clutch system, the compressor itself, the HVAC control unit in your dash, or maybe you just need to have the compressor lines purged and recharged. The problem is almost certainly not the belt, because your engine wouldn't run without it. .

There are 3 separate belts on a '97 Corolla with a 1.8L engine. One runs the A/C Compressor, one runs to the alternator and one runs the Power Steering pump. One of those belts also runs the water pump. I am personally getting ready in a couple hours to replace my alternator belt. Since this is my first time doing this on a '97 Corolla, I am unsure how the 3 belts are routed. I believe you will have to go underneath the vehicle to replace the A/C belt,since the compressor is mounted near the bottom of the engine. An employee at an auto parts store should be able to tell you better. Good luck. PS... Make sure you have depressed the A/C button on your temperature control panel (if your vehicle has one of these buttons). If you don't depress this button,your compressor clutch will not engage.

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Q: How do you change the air-conditioning belt in a '97 Toyota Corolla?
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