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How do you change the air filter on a '97 Grand Prix SE?

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It is under the left headlight. Take the air ducting loose from the mas air flow sensor on the left fender panel and it is down there. Get a new one and you can see whayt it looks like before you start.

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How do you change an air filter on a 2001 grand prix?

How to change an air filter in a 2001 Grand Prix.

How to change the 99 grand prix cabin air filter?

It doesn't have one if its an SE.

Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 91 Pontiac Grand Prix?

The 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix oxygen sensor is located on the outside of the air filter housing. You will find the sensor on the back side of the air filter housing.

Where is your ecu on your 99 Pontiac Grand Prix gt?

Under the air filter in the air cleaner box

Where is the computer on a 1997 grand prix gtp?

Well, mine was in the air filter box.

Where is the air filter on a 1994 Pontiac grand prix se?

under the hood, in the end of the air intake. 4 screws

Is a cabin air filter for a 2006 Pontiac grand prix the same as an air filter?

No, the cabin air filter is of a size and design to filter the air inside the cabin of the car. The "air filter" refers to the filter used to provide filtered air to be taken into the engine for combustion. Hope this helps. "G"

Where is the location of the computer on a 1999 Pontiac grand prix gtp?

The computer is located inside of the air filter box and behind the filter compartment.

Which air filter type for 1999 Grand Prix GTP?

Try a Fram or a K&N for performance but they are flat.

Where is the ecu on a 2002 Pontiac grand prix gtp?

If you mean the pcm, then its inside the air filter box on the bottom

What is the ECM on a 2000 Pontiac grand prix gtp?

It is called a PCM. and it is located in the bottom of the air filter box.

Your 03 Grand Prix is sluggish acceleration?

check gpm of mass air flow, dirty air or fuel filter and check tps

Where is the cabin air filter located on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am Se?

The 1999-2005 Pontiac Gran Prix series does not use a cabin air filter. The system lets the air flow freely.

Where is the air filter on a 2002 grand prix se v8?

it is located just behind the right headlight in the black box.

Where is the low pressure ac recharge valve on 1990 grand prix?

It's down by the battery and air filter box.

How do you change a cabin air filter on a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan?

The cabin air filter is located under the passenger side of the dash on a 2006 Grand Caravan. Slide the filter door to the side, and the filter will slide out for replacement.

What is faster a 2002 Grand Am gt ram air or a 1997 grand prix gt supercharged?

A grand prix gt un-supercharged will smoke a grand am gt, the supercharged gtp grand prix will destroy it.

How do you change cabin air filter on a 2007 suzuki grand vitara?

The cabin air filter on a 2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara is located below the glove compartment. It is changed by unscrewing the cover, taking out the old filter, and installing a new filter.

Why does a 2002 grand prix gtp have a sour odor coming from air vents when vents are on and off is there a fresh air vent filter on this model and if so where is it?

No filter, just a screen .... the sour odour is either something crawled up and died under your car or your catalytic converter is in need of a change

How do you change the cabin air filter in a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan 3 3 liter V6?

A 2000 Caravan does not have a cabin air filter.A 2000 Caravan does not have a cabin air filter.

How do you change cabin air filter for 2005 grand caravan?

Purchase a Purolator Cabin Filter. It comes with complete instructions.

Does a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix have a cabin air filter?

It has a place for one under the passenger side cowl trim. The car does not come with one, and it is not documented.

How do you install the low beam on a 1999 Pontiac grand prix gtp?

the low and high beam are in one bulb. remove the battery and air filter and you will have access to them

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