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It is STRONGLY recommended that you detach the air intake hoses first, these are easy to remove temporarily and this will give you the needed room to open and close the air box. If you are persistant enough, you CAN do it without removing the hoses, but I would not recommend it as you could tear a hose or not property close the air filter box (rear hinges properly in place) when done which would be VERY bad for your engine. One thing you could do is install a K&N performance air filter (for echo the model number is 33-2211) that only needs cleaning every 50,000 miles. You might save some money on replacement air filters, improve performance, and not have to deal with as many air filter servicings. However some research has shown that these can allow more particles through than traditional paper air filters, so they might not be the best long term for your engine and I personally would not recommend them. When you change the air filter, remove the air intake hoses (technically its one piece, but there is a secondary hose too, so you must detach in two places. This is not THAT big a deal, there is one big clamp which can be loosened with the attached screw, and the smaller hose clamp can be loosened just with pressure on the spring release. After you remove these, the job is easy. Be sure to wipe down all areas around the air filter box first with a wet paper towel, this will prevent dust/dirt from getting into the air filter components. Step by step details with pictures of an air filter change can be found here:

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Q: How do you change the air filter on a 2000 Echo without removing wires and hoses as there doesn't seem to be enough play to get at it?
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