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You can't unless you wan to replace the windhield. The antenna is built into the windshield.

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โˆ™ 2006-12-15 01:09:57
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Q: How do you change the antenna on the 2003 Montana?
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When do you have to change oil in 2003 Montana?

When the change oil indicator lights up.

How do you replace the antenna on a 2003 Vibe?

Begin by removing the antenna cable from the bottom of your 2003 Pontiac antenna. Remove the antenna retaining nuts. Reverse the process to install your new antenna.

Can i replace my 2003 Toyota Echo antenna?

You can replace your 2003 Toyota Echo antenna. Remove the antenna retaining nut. Remove the cable from the bottom of the antenna. Reverse the process to install the new antenna.

How do you change the antenna cable on a 2003 Jeep Liberty?

You need a antenna cable adapter, you can find out more info here.

Where is radio antenna located on 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse?

Where is the radio antenna located on a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse

How do you remove broken antenna on a 2003 Saturn ion?

how to remove and replace broken antenna on a 2003 Saturn ion

How do you change rear spark plugs in 2003 Pontiac Montana?

Jack up vehicle and change the rear plugs from underneath!

How do you replace the radio antenna on a 2003 Elantra?

Manual antenna on Elantra. Unscrew the screw on top of the antenna pull out the insert antenna and replace with new one. Simple as can be.

Where is the antenna on a 2003 Honda accord ex?

The antenna is in the rear window, and it's almost worthless! I'm looking for a way to mount an exterior antenna.

How do you change the antenna base on a Ford Focus?

how can i change the antenna base on ford focus its broken Remove the maplight cover and bulb housing. There is a single screw that secures the antenna base.

How do you convert an analog antenna to a digital antenna?

Put an digital receiver at the end of it. The antenna does not change to receive a digital signal, it is passive.

How do you turn off the change engine oil after an oil change on a 2000 Pontiac Montana?

I have a 2003 Montana and to turn off the Change Oil message I have to press the trip meter button until the percentage displays. When it displays keep the button depressed until it resets to 100%.

How do you change the Power Antenna on 1986 Olds Delta 88?

To Change the antenna, its best to remove the right front tire. Then remove the plastic wheel well cover and wella, the antenna can be easily replaced.

How do you change the electric antenna on a 2002 4 runner can it be replaced by a fixed antenna?

Here is a link with detailed informations and step by step pictures on how to change the antenna

When did Montana Power Company end?

Montana Power Company ended in 2003.

How do you a change a battery in a 2002 Pontiac Montana?

how do you change a battery on a 2002 Pontiac Montana

How do you change a broken antenna on a 2000 Honda Civic?

you must take off the fender to get to the antenna?

Can you remove the antenna of a 2003 Toyota Corolla?

It screws right out

How do you change a 2003 F150 radio antenna?

Pry the plastic cover off the base, unscrew the three Phillips head screws, reach under the fender to unplug the coax. Plug in the new antenna, screw in the base, and snap on the new cover.

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Where is the egr valve located in a 2003 Montana?

The 2003 Pontiac Montana EGR valve is located on the firewall. The valve will be on the driver side of the firewall.

Where is the radio antenna on 2003 mercury LS?

The antenna is located in the windsheild. Look for some very small wires imbeded in the glass.

How to Change antenna on 2000 hyndia elantra?

The 2000 Elantra's are equipped with a fixed antenna * Use a wrench on hex portion of the antenna mast to remove the exterior antenna * Remove the antenna base is acced by removing the interior trim panel * Disconnect the antenna lead from the base of the antenna and remove the mounting bolt

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