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How do you change the antifreeze?


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I have a 91 Ford Escort that has two caps. one is on the radiator itself and one next to it that says coolant only. how do I know where the antifreeze goes? does a mixture of coolant and water go in the radiator or does only water go in radiator and coolant in the other one? I have never seen an engine with this. could you help explain it?

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how to change antifreeze in vauxhall vectra B

How do you change the antifreeze in a 2004 Eddie Baurer ford Expedition.

To change the antifreeze on a Mercedes, locate the drain plug on the bottom of the radiator. Drain the fluid into a pan and refill it.

The antifreeze provides corrosion protection and gradually becomes acidic as the corrosion protection declines

The corrosion protection package in the antifreeze does " wear out " so if you do not change the antifreeze / preferably distilled water mix the coolant mix will become acidic and not provide the corrosion protection that is required

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Standard antifreeze should be changed every two years. Long life antifreeze needs changing every five years.

To change the antifreeze on a 2003 Alero once the car cools remove that radiator pressure cap. Pour in a gallon of pre mixed coolant.

Actually, antifreeze will freeze. It just freezes at a much lower temperature than ordinary water. But it can freeze, and the chemical structure of antifreeze is such that the molecules will not change state (liquid to solid -- freeze) except at the very lowest temperatures. A lot of thermal energy must be removed from antifreeze to cause the molecules to "hook up" and the stuff to change state into a solid. It's based on the nature of the chemical structure of antifreeze.

To change the antifreeze on a 2003 Saturn Ion-3, locate the drain plug on the bottom of the radiator. Drain the liquid into a pan before refilling it.

If the engine is overheating or when you service the cooling system and change the antifreeze.

No, you don't have to change it, but you may have to top it up.

Most manufacturers recommend that you change antifreeze every 2 or 3 years or after driving 30,000 miles. Always best to check your owner's manual for specific recommendations about your car. 3 years puts me at about 30,000 miles, so I change it then.

I dont see the purose of the antifreeze. I think you are looking for it to maybe serve as a thermal mass. Better yet, replace the antifreeze in your design with a phase change material---now your cooking.

will change the boiling and freezing point of the water

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You open the hood on the front of the mule and it will be on the left side

Usually a 50 / 50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water for year round use to provide corrosion protection , freeze and boil over protection . In colder climates , Ford states not to exceed 60 % antifreeze . The corrosion protection " portion " of the antifreeze does wear out so follow the suggested change intervals for the type of antifreeze that is required for your vehicle

if he means antifreeze is getting in the oil you could have a bad head gasket or even a cracked block not good either way

No, but it doesn't make sense to drain it and change to water. Modern antifreeze also contains additives that are corrosion inhibitors, and it raises the boiling point.

The bleeding part of the first answer is a little confusing...How the bleeding is done?

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