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How do you change the barrel in a Fiesta petrol cap?


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Right, This is how I changed the petrol cap barrel on my V reg fiesta. YES it is a bit of a job, but I spent most of the time trying to push it out, anyway....(take it out of the car) Put the key in and turn to the open position, push the inner crown down and turn to release it, it will turn and come off in 2 bits, a long bit and a small bit (make a note on how they line up with each other) then slid off the big spring. put to one side. Then look at the black cap that holds the barrel, you need to separate the inner and outer caps, by moving the teeth with a screwdriver, and sort of pulling as well as the key in the open position, then once you've got them apart you will see the end of the barrel, (make a note on how it looks, for when you replace the new one) with a small screwdriver you need to try and move the (kind of circlip thing) at the side at the end of the barrel that holds it in place, "NOW BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN SLIDING OUT THE BARREL, AS THE LITTLE BLACK BIT THAT MOVES ON THE SHAFT WHEN YOU TURN THE KEY HAS GOT A small SPRING ON IT" and you'll need it, and hopefully you will be finished.