How do you change the battery on the kidde carbon monoxide and smoke detector?

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The website had the directions. I have an AC and battery smoke detector/carbon monoxide combo. The trick, after twisting the unit from the ceiling mount, was to "squeeze" the white box containing the red, white, and black wires in order to free the unit. After opening the battery door and removing the old battery, remember to push down the red plastic flag before inserting the new battery. Replacing the unit and resetting the alarm worked just as the directions stated.
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Can Carbon Monoxide detectors detect Freon in homes?

Detectors for carbon monoxide will not pick up freon. They can't "see" this refrigerant gas and won't work in that application. Leak (freon) detectors for the HVAC trade are priced fairly appropriately. Look for a used unit on eBay or craigslist, or run a want ad.

Where should your carbon monoxide detector be?

Answer . At about 3 ft from a fireplace . At about 10 feet from a boiler room or furnace . At the door of all bedrooms . At 3 ft from any gas appliance . Anywhere that solid or other fuels are or may be in combustion

How often do you replace a carbon monoxide detector in a house?

The most common carbon monoxide detectors are small independent units, very similar to smoke detectors. Simply twist or pry the outer cover off and you will see two screws holding it to the ceiling or wall. Loosen these screws and the unit will usually twist slightly to come off. Re-install the new ( Full Answer )

Can a smoke detector detect carbon monoxide?

that would depend on if it says it does. most however do not. the do make smoke detectors with the co (carbon monoxide) detector in them. if u dont want to spend to much money just go get a co detector that is seperate. We just put in a gas log fireplace so I actually asked this myself. I researche ( Full Answer )

The effects that carbon monoxide has on the body when smoked?

What effect does carbon monoxide have on the body when smoked? - Firstly carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless colorless gas that is not combustible and therefore cannot be smoked. - Carbon Monoxide is a byproduct of combustion, and is a component of smoke, it is also prevalent in automobile and e ( Full Answer )

Hard wired smoke detector versus battery operated smoke detector?

Hard wired detectors are generally better. Some have back up power sources should the city power go out. It depends on how much you want to spend. Hard wired detectors are more expensive to install and are generally built better.

How does a carbon monoxide detector work?

it works by mesureing the carbon menoxide in ur house or apartment or mobile home. carbon monixide is a very dangoures gas that can kill us so they have those so they warn us when there is too much for us to handle

What does carbon monoxide affect in smoking?

Carbon monoxide is picked up by the red blood cells instead of oxygen. That means that the body is deprived of some of the oxygen that it needs to function properly.

When to Change Smoke Detectors?

Most handymen will tell you that the batteries should be changed every time you adjust the clocks for DST, and to test the alarm while you do it. Replace any that are no longer functioning.

Can charging a car battery set off a carbon monoxide detector?

while doing air test in our factory ,,,test conducted on a sitting battery truck gave off a reading off 10 to 15 ,,,,a charging battery gave off reading of 50 in up ,,,,a lift truck running for more then 2 hrs gave off reading of 200 plus ,,,,,,10 to 20 reading if taken in a house you are to get out ( Full Answer )

Where can you buy a carbon monoxide detector?

There are a number of carbon monoxide (CO) detectors available. Some relatively inexpensive units can be had from the "big box" home supply stores. These CO detectors are designed to either plug into electrical outlets directly, or be mounted optimally and then powered up by an adapter of sorts. Cer ( Full Answer )

What does one beep every minute on a kidde carbon monoxide detector mean?

Your unit requires a new battery if it is displaying the code Lb,which some people mistakely read as L6. Lb means Low battery,youshould carefully remove the back of your unit and remove the old 9volt battery and replace with a good quality new replacement. Youshould there reset your unit and everyth ( Full Answer )

How often should smoke detector batteries be changed?

When the smoke detector first starts signaling low battery with short widely spaced high pitched chirps , or if when you press the test button the alarm does not trigger. After replacing the batteries, press the test button. If the alarm does not trigger with fresh batteries, replace the smoke ( Full Answer )

Why are carbon monoxide detectors used?

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas which results from incomplete burning (complete burning produces carbon dioxide instead). Defective furnaces sometimes produce carbon monoxide which can kill people. For example, the parents of Weird Al Yankovic were killed by carbon monoxide from a defective furna ( Full Answer )

Who needs a carbon monoxide detector?

Anyone who has a heating system that burns fuel (furnace, boiler, etc...basically anything other than a heat pump, baseboard or radiant floor heating) should have a carbon monoxide detector. Since carbon monoxide can not be seen or smelled but can be produced by any fuel burning heating system, it i ( Full Answer )

Do you exhale carbon monoxide if you smoke?

If you exahale cabone monoxide you will take in more chemicals with it. it can hurt or even kill you if you smoke . Its the #1 killer in the u.s SO DONT SMOKE!!

Where would be a good place to locate a carbon monoxide detector?

I don't understand the question's purpose, but a good place would be in a location exposed to the atmosphere you wish to analyze. That's obvious, but I don't know what else to say. Any other answer would be dependant upon extra information you've not provided. (i.e. if the application is to determin ( Full Answer )

Why is it a good idea to have a carbon monoxide detector in the home?

If you use the fossil fuels methane, propane, butane, or fuel oil in your home, you should have a carbon monoxide detector in your home. Incomplete combustion of fossil fuels produces carbon monoxide, which bonds more readily with hemoglobin than oxygen, and can cause death, especially while you sle ( Full Answer )

Is a carbon monoxide detector gas shut off valve made?

CO, Natural Gas and LPG Detectors are available to configure any desired protection system. Wirless signal from the detectors is sent to a Control Panel and that powers a gas shut off valve.

What kind of battery does a smoke detector take?

Most smoke detectors have a single 9 volt battery in them. It is the square type that snaps onto the circuit. You should replace them twice a year, one recommended timing is to swap them out when you change your clocks.

Where Should the carbon monoxide detector be?

The packaging the device came in should tell you. However, if this is lost, general guidelines for domestic use would be about 6ft / 2 meters from the floor (about adult eye-level), away from direct draughts such as those near a door or window and about 10 feet / 3 meters from the gas burning devi ( Full Answer )

Why was the carbon monoxide detector invented?

Carbon monoxide is invisible, odorless, and tasteless; undetectableby any human sense. It is also deadly and it can easily form insidea house. The only way to warn people of the danger is though acarbon monoxide detector.

Are carbon monoxide detectors required in all residential apartments?

Not carbon monoxide detectors required but gas detector (natural gas & LPG ) or combined gas detector including carbon monoxide are required in all residential apartments. It is to avoid gas leakage in kitchen or somewhere. Another answer: Check the local laws in your area. Carbon monoxide det ( Full Answer )

What is the bacharach carbon monoxide detector used for?

A portable carbon monoxide detector is used to sniff an area in a confined space to make sure that there is no carbon monoxide gasses present before any personnel are allow to enter the confined space.

Are there carbon monoxide fumes from a battery charger?

Due to the chemical compositions of batteries (most batteries contain a form of acid which reacts to create electricity) neither the battery charger nor the battery is likely to produce CO (Carbon Monoxide)

Why is it a good idea to have a carbon monoxide detector?

Carbon monoxide is toxic because it binds very tightly withhaemoglobin to form carboxyhaemoglobin, thus inhibiting the oxygencarrying property of haemoglobin which is supposed to formoxyhaemoglobin reversibly with oxygen. Thus it can kill us asoxygen cannot be transported in our red blood cells. Car ( Full Answer )

How to change the battery in a carbon monoxide detector?

You pull out the battery compartment, change the battery, then putthe battery compartment back in. On some detectors this can be donewithout taking them down, on others you must take them down to getto the battery compartment.

How do you reset your carbon monoxide detector after changing the battery?

After you replace the battery, the detector should beep to showit's working and then go quiet. But if the detector continues tobeep, then it may be that it has reached the end of its life.Typically they expire after 5-7 years and will continue to make thebeep no matter what you do. That is because t ( Full Answer )