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How do you change the belt on a 1983 GM 350?

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How do you change serpentine belt gm 3.4?

how do you change serpentine belt gm 3.4 2003 venture

What side is the oil stick on 1983 350?

passenger side gm made the switch so they can adapt a 305 engine into same car originally equipped with a 350

Will an oil base from a 78 350 gm fit a 74 350 gm?

Yes, There the same.

Is there a difference in the block heads of a 1971 gm 350 and 2000 gm 350?

Yes, they are very different.

Can you put a 350 gm motor in your 97 ford f150 is there a kit?

Can you put a 350 gm motor in 97 ford f150

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Does the 2003 gm 4.3 liter engine have a timing belt or chain?

the 4.3 has a chain, luckily gm was smart enough not to put a belt in them.

Are there freeze plugs in front of 350 GM?


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Can a 4l60e transmission be paired with a 350?

No, the 4L60E is a electronic computer controled Transmission and the 350 turbo is not.

How much does a 350 gm turbo transmission weigh?

The weight of a 350 GM turbo transmission is about 125 pounds. However, some people claim that they can be as light as 90 pounds.

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What will a 1989 gm 350 exchange with?

350 engine will fit most GM cars and trucks from 1955 up to 1997 of most V8 nature. From there you have to watch out for the GEN 3 Motors have started to come into play. There was an article on GM motors and mentioned that estiment of 10 million 350 engines where made.

How much does it cost to make an sbc 350 put out 350 hp?

You can purchase a new GM 350 that puts out 350 hp for $4056. If you want to build the same thing yourself, you could go to a GM warehousing distributor to find what parts were used for those results.

How much horsepower and torque did a stock 1996 gm 350 have?

345 hp stock if you change to a carb you could gain 25 to 50 hp

How do you change power steering hoses on 1985 GM sierra 2500 350?

pull the p/s pulley off of the pump, the rest is easy.

What spark plugs are used for gm 350 10067353?


Do GM 305 and 350 have interchangeable exhaust manifolds?


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What PSI radiator cap for 1986 GM 350?

16 #

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