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How do you change the belt on a clothes dryer?

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I've done this but you must have a resource to parts appropriate for your machine, along with diagrams. There is no way to respond with exact instructions for you in this forum but this task can be accomplished with simple household tools. The best advice is to disassemble the components, making notes about the sequence, and only after getting manufacturer's information. You replace the belt and reassemble. Above all, be reasonable in your expectations of your own ability to avoid frustration. Study the problem and proposed solutions thoroughly and be prepared for venturing into the unknown.

2013-03-11 16:11:14
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Why would a clothes dryer make a lot of noise?

Because your dryer probably needs a belt.

How do you change the igniter on an Inglis clothes dryer?

you flink the switch

Clothes dryer will not turn off?

my clothes dryer wiil not stop when the time has expired

Where was the dryer invented?

Hair dryer: U.S. Clothes dryer: France

Why is your gas clothes dryer noisy?

What you are probably hearing is the flame, it is normal for the burner to make a whooshing noise while it is on. If the dryer is making a squeaking noise then it probably needs a belt or bearings.

How do you clean sand out of clothes dryer?

Get a new dryer

When was the clothes dryer invented?

The clothes dryer was built/invented by George T. Sampson in 189.

What did the clothes dryer look like when it was first invented?

pictures of the first ever clothes dryer

What was the purpose for the clothes dryer?

To dry clothes

Who invented the clothes dryer in 1892?

The person who invented the clothes dryer in 1892 was a French man by the name of M. Pochon. The first clothes dryer was a manual dryer. The person using this machine would have had to hand-crank the dryer in order to successfully dry their clothing.

Who invented the clothes dryer that used heat from a stove?

G T Sampson invented the clothes dryer

How much amperage does a gas clothes dryer draw?

When the heater is on a clothes dryer draws about 24 amps.

Why do clothes pockets turn inside out in a clothes dryer?

It's just because pockets can turn inside out from the action of the dryer. Some clothes dry best if they are put into the dryer inside out anyway.

Why was the clothes dryer invented?

to dry clothes when they are wet

Invented clothes dryer that used heat from a stove in 1892?

who invented the clothes dryer that used heat from the stove

Which dryer won't shrink clothes?

Any dryer that has a low-knits or no heat setting is best to not shrink clothes.

When was the electric clothes dryer invented?

In 1915 the electric tumbler clothes dryer was introduced. But it isn't clear who exactly holds the patent to the first electric dryer.

How do you shrink clothes in dryer?

it is in the dryer and it spins so mutch it shrinks

How do you fix the high pitched sound from the dryer?

Could be a slipping belt. You don't say the make, so difficult to tell. If you know how to access the belt, change it .

Why do clothes shed so much lint in the dryer?

Clothes shed so much when you put them in the dryer because the dryer is extremely hot and because they were just wet from the washer and you place them in the dryer the heat drys all the wetness which can over dry the clothes and they can shrink

Why do clothes taken from a clothes dryer somethimes cling together?

the clothes created static when they brushed against each other in the dryer..... friction causes static

What is a rotary clothes dryer?

A rotary clothes dryer is a dryer for your clothes and basically the name explains it all in its simplicity, it rotates. But i believe you are referring to a rotary clothesline which is used outdoors and it is where you hang your clothes on a line and it rotates to help them dry quicker. hope this helps.

Where the clothes dryer was invented?

My house

Why do dryer sheets keep your clothes from sticking?

Dryer sheets have a special formula in them.

How do dryer sheets prevent clothes sticking together in the dryer?

by eating pie