How do you change the brake light bulbs in a 2002 Ford Focus SE?

I also have a 2001 focus wagon and had a little trouble finding how to change the rear bulbs. Jim was right. On this model (I don't know for other model of focus), there are only 2 Philips screws to remove. There is NO plastic thumbscrew to remove from inside (if you have a different model, for instance a ZX3, verify if there is such a thumbcrew accesible from the trunk). No need to access anything except the 2 Philips screws. I swear! So you remove the 2 Philips screws (I did it with a key!), then you GENTLY tilt the lense cover in a direction opposite to the trunk. That's the key. Don't pull on the cover, but tilt it with respect ot a vertical axis. There is a clip in the innner side that will be released, and then you simply move the cover laterally to free the 2 pins that Jim was talking about. It might seems to be be stuck at first due to the dirt that have accumulated on the seal. In this case, push firmly while still retaining the cover to prevent an excessive rotation that could break the plastic pins integrated to the cover. If you're no sure, try on the other side, which could be easier to remove and let you see how it made behind the cover. You can do it!!! j-nic