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Open tailgate. On level with rear lamp cluster in the recess for the tailgate is a rubber block. Remove block and insert Phillips screwdriver. Undo screw but take care it does not fall into bottom of interior. If that happens either you will have lot more body work to undo to access the missing screw or buy another screw. With the screw loose then tap the rear light cluster with the heel of your hand from the inside towards outsite(the lamp has two plastic nipples that insert into the lateral side of the car). With luck it should come loose and you can then access the bulbs. Reverse proceedure to reassemble.

Now how do you change a headlamp bulb?

My 02 2.5tdi tiptronic gearbox is failing with 80k on the clock. Pathetic!!

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Q: How do you change the brake light or bulb on a new Audi Avant?
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As of 2014, the cost for a Audi A4 brake light is between 12 and 15 dollars. This light can be purchased at stores like Auto Zone.

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*Avant* means Wagon.

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