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How do you change the brake light switch on a 98 Volkswagen beetle?


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The brake light switch is found behind the 1998 VW Beetles brake pedal. Reach it by removing the lower dash console to gain access to the nut holding the switch in place. Remove the nut then then the switch.

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It is threaded into the master cylinder. If you can't reach from under, remove the fuel tank to expose the master cylinder and brake light switch.

its like changing a light bulb and depends on the car model 2007 volkswagen beetle

The problem is a faulty brake light switch and there is a recall for that concern. Contact your nearest VW Dealer for more information.

At the end of the master cylinder. Probably the easiest way to gain accesss would be to remove the gas tank.

In a Classic Beetle, it's screwed into the master cylinder. New Beetles will have it in the vicinity of the brake pedal lever.

Don't bother. The brake light switch on 1999 beetles (maybe all of them, actually) have been recalled. Unless you get it changed, the brake lights will keep going out. Call your local dealer and they should change it for free, mine did about 8 months ago. Still, this doesn't seem to fix the problem as my brake light is out. It may only be a burned out bulb though.

The hood release lever on a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle is located to the left of the brake pedal, near the door. It resembles a handle which is pulled toward the rear of the vehicle to release.

The Chevrolet Colorado brake light switch is quite simple to change. The brake light switch simply plugs in and out.

If pressing the brake pedal does not allow a 2002 VW Beetle to shift there a problem with the brake switch. The switch acts as a safety when shifting a vehicle and if it malfunctions the transmission will not be able to shift out of park.

Shorted wire to ground or failed brake switch.

Corroded brake wheel cylinder, or caliber, parking brake stuck.

Had the same problem with mine. The dealership told me it was the backup light switch. I had the same problem, as do 99% of VW beetle owners. There was a recall on the Brake Light Switch. Call your dealer and they should change it for free. I did. It worked for a bit, but now i think one of my brake lights is out again.

Were and how do you change a brake light switch on a Daewoo Leganza 2001

The one on the master cylinder is the brake light switch. The one on the brake pedal is for the automatic transmission, assuming that the car is automatic.

How do you get the brake piston to retreat back in caliper ?

They are located on the brake master cylinder. Vw joe. Have a great day

It is located behind the airbox on the left side of the engine compartment. It is setting back behind the brake master cylinder on the firewall.

The brake pedal switch is bad. How do I replace it?

To replace the turn signal switch on a new Beetle, the old switch has to be removed and a new one plugged in. The turn signal switch or flasher is located under the dash just above the brake pedal.

To change the brake light switch on a 1999 Deville, remove the screws on the switch. It is located right on top of the brake pedal under the dash. It works as an open circuit.

Brake switches are located behind the brake pedal of a vehicle. To change one remove the lower dash and reach the switch. It will be thread into a bracket. Unscrew the switch from the bracket.

under the front hood, behind the spare tire. right next to the washer fluid reservoir.

could be a brake switch problem My daughter has a 2000 Beetle and she's had this happen twice. We just found out there is a recall on the brakeswitch that causes this to happen. There have been a couple of recalls to the brake switch. You may want to contact your local dealer and have it replaced.

Check the brake light switch. This can cause the brake lights to go out. There have been a couple of recalls on the 2001 for this exact problem. Contact your local VW dealer and have the switch replaced.

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