How do you change the brake master cylinder on a 1995 Honda EX with ABS?

The good news is that since the ABS portion of the system is totally seperate, it's no different than changing a non-ABS Honda.

Be careful because brake fluid will damage auto paint.

it's pretty much:

1) detach brake line connections from MC 2) detach brake pedal connection to MC inside car 3) unbolt and remove old MC 4) Bench-bleed new MC, do reverse of steps 1-3

Finally, you need to bleed the entire brake system and make sure pedal-height is normal. Honda specifies using a depth gauge to set pedal height, but I have never had to adjust it.

See Video of Bench Bleeding

See a quick video at the related Link for "DenLors - Master Cylinder Bench Bleeding" to the left column.


remove 2 bolts and a cotter pin in the pedal,remove reservoir,unscrew fluid pipe,install new one,bleed clutch very nicelly