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Q: How do you change the brakes and the ABS pressure switch on an 88 j?
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How do you bleed abs brakes on a 1998 Chevy truck?

Having ABS does not change how you bleed the brakes. Bleed them as you would if it did not have ABS.

What is abs brake pressure modulation?

The pumping and releasing of brakes by the unit is brake pressure modulation

Why does your abs activate when I apply brakes on my 20004 gmc 1500?

Faulty sensor switch.

What is usually wrong with my ABS system when the ABS light brake light are on and the brakes work with a hard pedal pressure?

In most cases, the brakes will function fine even if the ABS is not working (you just won't have the ABS feature). If you have to exert more pressure than normal on the brakes, you can be looking at an issue with the brake booster or some other part not necessarily associated with the ABS system. It sounds like the ABS light might be a secondary symptom of a larger problem. I would recommend taking the vehicle to a qualified shop asap.

Adjusting abs brakes 98 s-10?

You would adjust the brakes on a vehicle with abs brakes the same way you would adjust the brakes on a vehicle without abs brakes.

94 cavalier have abs brakes?

yes it does have abs brakes

Does a 1992 tracker have abs brakes?

yes they do have abs brakes

Why does your abs kick in every time you use the brakes on my 2005 4 wheel drive extended cab silverado?

abs dont just kick in. abs are a type of brake system that are always in use when using the brakes. in other words in a non-abs system to keep from locking up the brakes you were taught to tap the brake pedal instead of applying steady pressure. in an abs system on the other hand it basically taps the pedal for you by pulsing the brakes automatically therefore you should always apply steady pressure to an abs brake equipped vehicle and let the system do all the work. it is normal to feel the pedal slightly pulsing when they are applied

Does Mazda 626 have fuses for abs brakes?

No, a Mazda 626 does not have fuses for ABS brakes. In fact, many Mazda models do not have fuses for ABS brakes.

How do you replace abs brakes on 2002 Chevy s10?

You replace the brakes on an ABS S10 the same way you replace brakes on a non ABS S10.

How do you tell if a 1996 Honda Civic Lx has ABS?

Slam on your brakes. If your brakes lock up, then you do not have ABS. If your brakes do not lock up and you hear a knocking type of noise from your brakes, then you have ABS.

What causes ABS brakes to be spongy?

ABS brakes are not spongy. If you have spongy brakes the reason is that there is air in the system. You need to have your brakes bled.

Where is the ABS ECU?

The ECU for the ABS brakes is attached to the Master cylinder for the brakes.

How to operate abs brakes?

Operating abs brakes are easy. The anit-breaks are there for hen your other brakes go out.

What is the name of the type of high pressure ABS that can lose its rear brakes and power asssit during an ABS failure?

need more info. is this a ford? if so what series?

Advantages of of abs brakes in car?

In a car without ABS, if you slam on the brakes, your wheels will lock and your car will skid. ABS prevents the wheels from locking by releasing the brakes if you start to loose traction.

Does 2003 Toyota corola ce have abs brakes?

Does 2003 toyota corola ce have abs brakes?

The ABS brake light came on in your 96 Ford F-350 turbo diesel and it wont shift out of park does anyone know why?

Your ABS pressure switch is bad. Is your ABS light on? To find out for sure turn the key to the area where the dash lights come on then back one click, put the transmission in neutral and see if it starts. Then put it into gear. I had the same problem with my 97 ford F250 gas engine. The ABS pressure switch went bad and it would not allow me to take it out of park when I started the engine. I disconnected my switch and started it in neutral until I could get another switch for mine. The ABS pressure switch on mine is located by the brake fluid reservoir. I hope this helps

For a 1997 xlt 4x4 ranger Why does the abs and e brake come on when you put the brakes on?

U might have a serious wiring problem, or your need to change your brakes.

2004 Montana van brake light on and brakes are good?

possible switch on emerg, possible ABS issue, may be low on fluid

1994 Comaro with a light on dash saids ABP?

A you sure this light does not say, ABS. ABS stands for Anti-Lock Brakes. If the light is on there is a problem with the ABS system.A you sure this light does not say, ABS. ABS stands for Anti-Lock Brakes. If the light is on there is a problem with the ABS system.

What does it mean when normal brakes ''lock up'' and how do you get them to ''unlock''?

If by "normal brakes", you mean brakes without ABS (Antilock Brake System), then what it means is that the brakes have been pressed hard enough to stop the wheel rotating, so the tires skid and make that loud skidding noise and alot of smoke. To unlock non-ABS brakes, you need to lessen the pressure on the brake pedal until the wheels start spinning again. This is called feathering the brakes. Non ABS brakes work the best when the wheel is spinning, and the brakes are applied to just before the point where the brakes lock up. This is one reason why driving a race car at the limit is such a skill, since race cars generally don't have ABS. The best race car drivers are those that can apply the brakes the hardest, i.e. just before they lock up. Having said all that, the majoirty of passenger cars on the road have ABS. This is a system that does that brake feathering for you. So for most people, "normal" brakes do have ABS. You can tell when ABS is kicking in because the brake pedal pulsates under your foot, very noticeably. ABS controlled brakes never really "lock up", since the ABS is designed to prevent that. The most important thing to do if you need to stop quickly and your ABS system kicks in is not to panic, and to keep the pressure on the brakes. Some people try to feather ABS brakes like they would old style brakes. This is very bad because the ABS system gets confused and doesn't know if you are really trying to stop wuickly or not. It is a good idea to go into an empty parking lot on a rainy day, get up to 25 mph and stomp on the brakes to see what it feels like so in an emergency, you are familiar with ABS. The final type of lock up is a mechanical failure when calipers get stuck. This typically happens if you put the prak/emergency brake on and leave the car for a long time. The brake pads/calipers can lock in place, and you won't be able to move. This requires mechnical repair, although sometimes putting the car in neutral and rocking it back and forward can help.

Do 89 Buick Lesabre customs have abs brakes?

Turn your ignition to the on position. If an amber lite that reads ABS or Anti-lock comes on in you dash, you do have abs brakes.

Can abs brakes be installed in a car that does not have abs brakes?

Yes, but the entire braking system would need changed. It would be easier and cheaper to buy a car with ABS.

If ABS stops working can I simply rely on the brakes without using the ABS?

Yes you can rely on the brakes to stop you without ABS, however the braking distance will be greater and the car is will skid if the brakes are used hard. If your ABS isn't working take it to a car garage and get it fixed.