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How do you change the bulb of a Ford Taurus Station wagon tail lights?

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January 01, 2010 1:45PM

You will see 2 screws when you lift the back gate holding the light in place. Remove these. The light is held on the other end with a clip under the light which you can't see. You have to be very careful when you pull on the light assembly as you can easily crack the casing. You have to add enough pressure by pulling back on the side with the clip to release it from the hole. I've done it a few times so I'm used to it but the first time is a little tricky.
to remove the tail light lense you must remove the unit assembly (the entire lense ) .Open the gate and remove the interior trim panel by removing the screws (probably has plastic covers to be removed to access the screws) . Once removed it should expose the back of the unit which will have either a screw or wing nut to be removed from the inside .Push out on the studs or pull unit with both hands and this should reveal the socket for the bulbs.