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How do you change the bulb on the rear tail light of a '99 Suburban?

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July 15, 2015 9:36PM

The whole light assembly needs to be removed. Open the rear doors. By the hinges there is an opening with 2 screws. One high and one low. These screws hold the light assembly in place. After removing the screws the light assembly will pivot out. Disconnect the electrical quick connect. You should have the assembly free from the car. Then remove 2 screws that hold the sockets in place. That will give you access to the bulbs. It really is simple once you do it. Just take care not to drop the screws.

Once you remove the two screws, as stated, be very careful or they will fall down behind the sheet metal. Then, first tilt out the side of the light closest to the tailgate until you see the light harness, then carefully keep tilting away from the tailgate and push inward. This will remove two metal clips on the light from slots in the vehicle. You will be able to see these clips as you tilt the light away.