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go under the car with a 14mm spanner and undo the adjustment nut, also undo the nut that passes thru the clutch lever (sticks out the side of the gearbox) Slide the end of the cable out of the fork, and then remove the 14mm locking nut that holds the sheath of the cable in postition. This completes the 'clutch' size of the cable. Then using a 10mm spanner remove the 2 bolts/nuts in the engine bay where the clutch cable run into the cabin. In the drivers footwell stick your hand up and unhook the hook on the end of the cable off the top of the clutch pedal. Install is reverse of removal but requires you to tighten the clutch cable by tightening the nut on the clutch end of the cable. (you will know when you see it)

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Q: How do you change the clutch cable in a 1990 suzuki vitara?
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How do you adjust clutch cable on 1300 suzuki?

the hayabusa does not have a clutch cable. the clutch is hydraulic just like the b

Where is the clutch fluid reservoir on a Suzuki Samurai?

they have a cable clutch not hydraulic

Where does the clutch fluid go in 95 suzuki sidekick?

Suzuki Sidekick has a cable for the clutch. No fluid required. If it hard to push or seems to 'stick' then replace the cable.

How do you change clutch cable on 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt?

how do you change clutch cable on cobalt

How do you change the clutch cable on 1994 GMC sierra?

There is no clutch cable its hydrolic.

How do you adjust clutch cable on a suzuki ds dirt bike?

If you follow the cable away from the clutch lever you should see the adjuster about 5 - 6 inches down the cable.

How do you change a clutch cable on a 1998 integra?

You don't. There is not a clutch cable on a 1998 integra. It has a hydraulic clutch.

How do you change the clutch cable on an 1985 mr2 na?

You have a hydraulic clutch in your mr2, no cable.

How do you change a clutch cable for a Renault Megane R reg?

clutch cable replace

How do you change a clutch cable on a Daewoo nexia?

Daewoo nexia is with hidrolic sistem for clutch. There is no cable

How do you adjust a cluch cable on a rover 200?

you can adjust the clutch cable as it is a hydraulic clutch, only option is to change the clutch if it is worn or slipping.

How do you change a clutch cable on a 82 Kawasaki 550 ltd?

The clutch cable has a retaining nut on each end. Loosen the retaining nuts. The clutch cable will pull out. Reverse the process to install the new cable.

How do you Change clutch Peugeot 206?

where does the clutch cable go from the pedal?? my clutch snapped earlier

What do you do when the clutch won't disengage in a 2005 Suzuki S83?

If it is a hydraulic clutch check oil in your reservoir you may haft to bleed system or rebuild or replace slave cylinder. If it's a cable clutch check cable for brakes in the cable it may just need adjustments. Hope this helps

How do you change a motorbike clutch cable?

Which motorcycle?

What is a clutch cable?

A clutch cable is a cable that is connected from a foot petal inside a car to the transmission. It is necessary for a person to change gears in a standred transmission car or truck.

Why is your clutch hard to press and can not shift into first and reverse grinds in a 1995 suzuki sidekick?

Your clutch cable needs to be replaced, it is probably broken from it's shield at the firewall.

Where is clutch reservoir for 1995 Suzuki sidekick?

its a cable. only 96-98 SPORTS 1.8 Liter have hydr. clutch. (of the early models you mention)

How do you change clutch cable Peugeot partner?

the clutch cable on my peugeot partner van has detached itself from the pedal.How do i go about changing the cabel?

Where is starter located on a 2002 Suzuki Vitara?

On the engine - with a large electrical cable tied to it goin up toward the battery compartment. You can't miss it. Look fer it!

How do you adjust the clutch on your 1992 Suzuki RM80?

On the right side of the bike, follow the cable down to where the clutch case is. On top of this case, the cable enters into the clutch case. Right here there will be an adjuster, turn the one on the handle all the way in. Use the adjuster on the clutch case to get a rough estimate and then use the top adjustment to fine tune it.

How do you take apart choke cable assembly on suzuki quad runner?

how to change choke cable

How do you change clutch cable on mack semi truck?

You don't. They use either a linkage or a hydraulic clutch.

How do you change the clutch cable on a 96 Geo Tracker?


How do you change a clutch cable on a VW fox?

I am told it is easy to replace the clutch cable on my 89 Volkswagen Fox, however I have no mechanical skills. I I had diections I am willing to learn.