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First, the clutch cable is self adjusting, don't pull on the clutch cable housing to remove it from the dash panel, the self adjuster may be damaged.

Remove the power distribution center and the transaxle cover. Pull back on the clutch cable housing and disconnect the cable. Pull the cable from the slot in the transaxle and disconnect the cable from the release lever.

Push in the clutch cable and remove the cable from the pedal. Pull the cable from the dash using a slight twisting motion.

Installation is the reverse proceedure. You may want to get a manual for all the 8x10 glossy photos and stuff.

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Q: How do you change the clutch cable on a 1995 Neon?
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Can clutch cable mimic throwout bearing problem in 1995 dodge neon?

The self adjusting mechanism of the clutch cable can be slipping and making a click noise and not engaging the clutch when you press the pedal. You might just need a new clutch cable.

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If the same year range (1995-2000 or 2001-2005) yes. They are the same car.

How do you adjust the clutch cable to a 2000 dodge neon?

pull on it. The sheath takes up slack... makes the cable shorter.

Is the clutch on a 1996 dodge neon hydraulic?

No. The clutch is cable-actuated from the pedal assembly to the throw-out/release bearing fork asembly. There is no hydraulic assist in the clutch system.

Why wont my 95 neon start after changing the clutch cable can't even push start it.?

the clutch has to be pushed in to start. there is a switch under the dash probably knocked it out of position. while changing cable.

Clutch adjustment 1998 neon?

The clutch is not adjustable.

How do you change the power steering sensor on 1995 Dodge Neon?

There is no sensor .

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Where is the speedometer cable located on a 1995 Plymouth Neon?

There is no speedo cable on a Neon. It uses a speed sensor located on the top of the right-hand axel output housing. It is a black unit that has a clip-in two-wire connector. If your speedo inside the car isn't working that's usually the culprit.

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Where is the bcm body control module located on a 1995 dodge neon?

A 1995 Neon doesn't have a BCM (body control module)

How big is the gas tank on a 1995 dodge neon?

The tank on my 1995 2.0L inline 4 Manuel neon is 10 gallons

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Where is the speed sensor for a 1995 dodge neon located?

The speed sensor for a 1995 Neon is on the side of the transmission. It is mounted behind the vehicles exhaust.