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ON THE RADIATOR (LOWER DRIVERS SIDE FACING THE MOTOR) THERE IS A PLASTIC LIKE PLUG THAT YOU TURN COUNTER CLOCKWISE ABOUT 3/4 OF A TURN, THEN YOU CAN PULL IT OUT ABOUT 1/2 AN INCH THIS WILL DRAIN THE RADIATOR, THEN YOU CAN PUSH THE PLUG BACK IN AND TURN IT UNTIL YOU FEEL IT LOCK BACK IN PLACE. REFILL RADIATOR WITH 3 PARTS COOLANT TO 1 PART WATER. 1998-'99 Intrigues equipped with the 3800 engine have a specific process for replacing antifreeze. It is somewhat of a lengthy process and you should refer to your owners manual for doing this. After you empty and flush your system with water (garden hose), only fill the system with green 50/50 antifreeze, NOT Dex-Cool. Avoid Dex-Cool. If you bring your Intrigue to a shop to get serviced, make sure and inform whoever doing repairs and/or leave a note (clearly visible) to NOT use Dex-Cool if they're doing any work pertaining to cooling system.

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Q: How do you change the coolant on a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue?
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