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do you mean the harmonic remove you need to remove the fan and shroud assembly. YOu may need to remove the radiator to get enough room to get a impact gun and a socket on the nut to remove the harmonic balancer if you dont have a impact you are going to have to lock the engine and get a large breaker bar and a socket on the nut and then remove the part.

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Q: How do you change the crankshaft vibration damper on a 1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport?
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What is another name for harmonic balancer?

AKA, crank pulley damper, crankshaft damper, torsional damper, or vibration damper.

What is a damper in automobile?

The "balancer" mounted to the front of the crankshaft is also called a vibration damper.

How do you change Aerostar harmonic balancer?

Start by disconnecting the negative battery cable at the battery. Remove the radiator. Remove the drive belts and crankshaft pulley. Remove the Vibration Damper (Harmonic Balancer) bolt. Use a puller and remove the Vibration Damper. Reverse these instructions to reassemble. (Tighten the Vibration Damper bolt to the correct torque)

Do you have to remove the crankshaft vibration damper to replace the timing belt on a 2001 Chrysler 300m?


What other name is used to describe the vibration damper?

Do you mean the harmonic balancer located at the front of the engine , on the end of the crankshaft

What puller is used to remove crankshaft pulley?

Depends on what type of vibration damper (crankshaft pulley) you have. Your local auto parts store probably has the one you need and can rent it to you.

How do you change a crankshaft sensor on a 1987 olds delta 88?

You have to remove the Vibration Damper first, then you will have clear access to the Crank sensor. Make sure when you reinstall it, the wires don't get caught in the Damper assembly and you have clearance where the sensor mounts. Easy fix.

What does the Ford casting number E4TE-A3A go to?

1984 Ford 351/302 crankshaft balancer (vibration damper). The 351 had a 28 oz and the 302 had a 50 oz damper.

Location of crankshaft sensor on a 1996 Chevy s10 v6?

Front of engine, passenger side, just behind the vibration damper, best accessed from underneath.

Is the main crankshaft pulley one solid piece?

In most cases no, it is two pieces pressed together with rubbber in between. It is called the vibration damper or the harmonic balancer.

Where is the crankshaft position sensor on a 1998 Chevy Blazer 4.3 liter engine?

Behind the vibration damper on the passenger side. It is best reached from under the front of the vehicle.

What is vibration damper in transmission line?


How do you replace crankshaft sensor on 2001 s10 blazer?

Locate the crank sensor behind the vibration damper (crankshaft pulley). Unplug the wire harness connected to it. Remove the small bolt holding the sensor in place. Remove the sensor.

Can a crankshaft damper be welded?

No Because it is made out of rubber

How do you remove the vibration damper pulley for ford escort 1.9 1994?

The vibration damper pulley and the crankshaft pulley are pressed together with a rubber sleeve. They are held onto the crank by a key and keyway. I've never had to use a puller. Usually when you take the bolt out of the crank it will just wiggle off. I've never had one on their that tight that it wouldn't come off just with my hands.

How do you rotate the crankshaft so that the cam lobe is on the down stroke on a 1985 s10 blazer 4x4 with a 2.8l engine?

Use a socket, short extension and a breaker bar on the front crankshaft bolt that holds on the vibration damper. Rotate the engine clockwise from underneath the vehicle.

How a tennis damper can reduce the vibration?

When a ball is hit, it produces vibrations that goes through the strings. When they reach the damper they are absorbed

Can you check if the automatic car engine is seized or not by just pushing the car in Drive mode?

No. You have to physically turn the engine clockwise by hand using the appropriate socket and wrench on the crankshaft vibration damper bolt.

Where does the harmonic balancer go on a 98 ford windstar with a 3.8 motor?

The crankshaft damper is behind the crankshaft pulley.

Where is the crankshaft sensor located in a 1997 Chevy S10?

Assuming this is the 4.3L engine, the crank sensor is located in the front of the engine, close to the vibration damper on the passenger side. It is best accessed from underneath the front of the truck.

What does a damper do on a Head tennis racket?

Vibration is the rapid back-and-forth motion of the strings and frame that follows the shock of the initial impact of the ball. Although some players find it annoying and use a vibration damper to reduce it, vibration has little effect on your hand or arm.

How do you remove the vibration damper on an ht4100 Cadillac?

rent a puller rent a puller

How do you remove crankshaft damper 1999 dodge stratus 2.4 i have no clearance between damper and frame?

Drop the engine by removing the passenger motor mount

Where is the crankshaft position sensor located on a 1999 Ford Ranger V6 3.0L?

if it has a distributor, its in the distributor, if no distributor its at the front of the engine by the crankshaft damper

How do you change the crankshaft vibration damper on a 2002 Chrysler voyager?

Raise the left front of the van then remove the wheel and the rubber splash shield. Remove the drive belt and the bolt that retains the pulley to the crankshaft next use a puller to remove the pulley. On installing it you need an installer don't hammer on it, I have seen that done and the crank destroyed. Depending on your location parts stores will loan or rent the puller and installer.