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To replace a light bulb in your dash (like a blinker or speedometer):

1) Remove the 3-5 screws located above the the gagues. They are usally upside down. Then remove the plastic "shell" that surrounds the gagues 2) Now you should see 4 screws holding the gagues cluster in place. Remove those screws and begain to pull the cluster out. 3) There will be 2 or 3 electrical connectors hooked to the back of the cluster, remove them by pressing the tab at the top of them while you pull back. 4)You may have to work a bit to get the cluster out after you've disconnected it. Try lowering your tilt wheel if you have one, also you may have to remove the top shell that sorounds the steering coloum. 5) Once out and turned over, there will be a group of lights for each trouble light (oil, engine, seat belt), once you've found the one your looking for just twist about 1/4 turn to the left, and it should come out.

You have to remove the black bezel that has the panel vents and surrounds the instrjment cluster first. Gently pop off the rear defrost and adjacent "button". Those "buttons" then are to be pulled out to extend the wire harness and then disconnect any wire harness connected to them. There is one mounting screw behind those buttons that needs to be removed. Then gently pry off the passive alarm in the center (it has the flashing LED and a clock or a "contour" nameplate). It just pops off and back on later. Once it is off you have to disconnect the electrical connector and reattach it later. There are two screws to be removed behind that piece. There are also two hidden screws that are angled into the top of the bezel above the instrument cluster. Total of 5 screws to remove the bezel. Once the bezel is removed you can remove the 5 screws that hold the insturmentation cluster in place. Then you can gently pull out the insturmentation cluster. Most of the lights in the instrumentation cluster are twist and turn assemblies where the bulbs are attached to a plastic holder. You have to replace the entire holder and bulb. These are not common parts in auto stores and might need to be ordered ahead of time. I had a "check engine" assembly with a bad metal contact so I had to replace it to pass state inspection. Good luck

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Q: How do you change the dashboard light bulb on a 1998 Ford Contour?
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