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Hold down the LEFT button next to the multi-function display for a couple of seconds. The display should now start flashing. Press the Left button briefly to scroll through the display options and the RIGHT button to change the currently flashing item.

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Q: How do you change the date and time on Peugeot 406 Estate LX?
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You need a flux capacitor I think

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Press menu then ok on personalisation configuration then ok on display configuration then date and time adjust then use arrow keys to go to the one you want to change and hold ok on that one for 3 seconds then use arrow keys to change. When done press ok once until onto bottom

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Access your time and date change function in the COMAND function part of your stereo. When you turn on the stereo there will be a setting button on the bottom of the screen. Scroll down to the setting and enter on it. You will see time and date, scroll over to it and click on it. Change your time and date if necessary and you can even change whether you want it shown in military time or standard time.