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How do you change the dimmer switch on a 2002 VW beetle?


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The dimmer switch is said to be included with the steering column switch. Before replacing disconnect battery and removing steering wheel. After removing the steering column switch trim, unscrew hex bolt. Remove and replace switch and return components.

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Pull out on the headlight switch to turn on the fog lights.

Left button sticking out from the instrument panel

If pressing the brake pedal does not allow a 2002 VW Beetle to shift there a problem with the brake switch. The switch acts as a safety when shifting a vehicle and if it malfunctions the transmission will not be able to shift out of park.

www.vwvortex.com they have the answers, you have to power

If I understand you correctly, the dimmer dial near the headlight switch is turned down; simply turn the dimmer dial until it clicks and the lights should turn on.

try to turn the interior light switch off near the the headlight switch ( dimmer switch) is most likely in the on position

Turn up your dimmer switch. Should be next to the steering wheel on the dash board.

The fog light switch is beside the dimmer for the interior gauges, just above your hood release.

Two possible reasons: the fuse is blown, or the dimmer dial/switch is shorted. The dash light fuse is in the fuse panel and is easily changed. It's probably the dimmer dial/switch on the lower dashboard near the driver's knee. At least that's where it is on the 2006. Pop the switch out with a screwdriver and replace it with new one or with one from an auto wrecker (recycler.)

Bulb burned out, or fuse blown. ( or gauge panel dimmer switch turned all the way )

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check dimmer switch on dash very easy to forget . Could be light bad if dash stillworks

To change the air filter on the 2002 VW Beetle, just remove the air breather cover by unscrewing the center nut. Then, remove the filter and add the new filter in its place. Place the cover back over the filter and replace the nut.

Just to the right of your headlight switch , on your dash , is a dimmer wheel switch. I know when that is rotated all the way up it turns on the courtesy light when the doors are closed - check to see if it also turns on the cargo light

The 2002 Volkswagon Beetle OBD 2 port is under dash at left side

The towing capacity for a 2002 TDi VW Beetle is rated at level 1 towing. The max load a 2002 Beetle can handle is up to 1 ton or 2,000 pounds.

The parking lights are turned on when the headlights are on and you pull out on the light switch. The parking lights cannot be turned on by themselves.

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