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the distributer cap is located in the back of the engine and to get to is is relatively painless but you have to remove the engine cover on the inside of the vehicle which is under the dash in the middle of the vehicle which there is 2 big standard screws holding it to the firewall and 2 clamps holding the back side to the floor towards the seat. once you gain access to the engine compartment from the inside of the vehicle you will see the distributor cap right there looking at you. it is usually held on to the distributor by 2 small Phillips screws and will tell you first hand if the cap has not been changed in a while you might want to use a nut driver to break them loose and re-install in just reverse.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 00:20:28
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Q: How do you change the distributer cap on a 91 astro van?
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