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How do you change the door hinge pins and bushings on a 2002 GMC 1500 pickup truck?"

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Q: How do you change the door hinge pins and bushings on a 1994 GMC 1500 pickup truck?
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How do you change the front door hinge pin and bushing on 2005 sierra?

The door needs to be supported on a jack with a helper steadying it. With the hinge either on the truck or off, hammer the pin out of the hinge. You may need to grind the tip off to get it out. Hammer the bushings out then install the new bushings in as well as the pin. Do the same for the other hinge.

How do you install new door pins and bushings on 2002 gmc Sonoma?

You replace the truck comes with new hinge pins :((

How do you adjust the doors on a 1999 GMC Sonoma or S10 truck?

I've worked for GM for over 10 years. Look at your door hinge pins and bushings first, they are probably wore out. To tell if the pins and bushings are worn out, open the door and lift up on it from the end opposite the hinges. If the door has any play at all the pins/bushings are worn. If you let them go too long the holes in the hinge wear the bushings sit can get wallered out.

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How do you repair 1994 Chevy truck hinges?

i used to work for a Chevy dealer....if you already put new hinge pins and bushings in you now have to replace hinges that have to be welded in

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How do you adjust a S-10 truck door to close tight?

The door hinges are a weak point. The hinge pins and bushings wear out and cause the door to drop and close hard if at all. Start with replacing the hinge pins and bushings. Hinge pin kits are available at your local auto parts store. You'll need a special tool to R & R the door detent spring, they are cheap and it will keep you from busting your knuckles.

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Can you change skateboard truck hangers?

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When to change 2001 Ford F-150 control are bushings?

On my truck during a routine brake job. The truck was on the rack. At 99,999 miles, all the bushings of the front end had disintegrated. This is a2001 Lariat F 150 Extended cab.

Door sag on Chevrolet truck?

usually a sagging door on a Chevrolet truck is due to worn out bushings, pins or other small and replaceable hardware that hold the joints together. These moving parts bear a good amount of stress and weight but it is very difficult to get any lubrication into them because they are small and tight. New bushings and pins (you need two sets for a door - one for each hinge) are usually about $8-$10 each set (one set of bushings and a pin for one hinge) this guy has specialty bushings that you can lubricate to prevent your new bushings and pins from being worn down. His site also has diagrams from the GM manual for their procedure on how dealerships should repair this problem GM diagrams at

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How do you adjust doors on a 74 Chevy pickup?

thay make a tool that will bend it in place see a Mac tool truck sales man about it,but you mite need pin and bushings.

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