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How do you change the driver's side power mirror on a 98 Ford Escort SE?

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2011-12-21 20:34:47

You will have to take the door panel off, then there should be 2

or 3 screws on the inside where the mirror is. -Antwon00

Yes, door panel has to come off.

There are some round plastic clips that pop out.

Also, a phillips head screw down inside the hole that you pull

when closing the door.

Another screw inside the handle that opens the door.

If you have a window crank, it requires a special tool which

slides underneath the crank to pop the retaining clip free.

I bought the tool at Advance Auto Parts for $6.

Good luck getting the crank free without the tool!

Carefully pull the panel away from the door, working around the

sides and bottom. It should lift away and you must pass the handle

back through its opening.

You can now see the mirror's power cord connector inside the

door body, perhaps behind a plastic seal. Carefully peel that seal

away from the door to access the connector. Unplug the connector.

On the inside of the door, at the mirror, is a plastic cover held

by a screw. Remove that. Then you can see 3 screws which hold the

mirror. Remove them making sure to hold the mirror so it doesn't

fall. Work the mirror carefully off the door and gently fish out

the power cord at the same time. The plug may want to snag as it

comes through the door. Be careful, and turn it as needed to allow

free passage.

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