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How do you change the driver side power lock motor on a 1999 Mercury Sable Wagon?


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2007-03-24 16:10:55
2007-03-24 16:10:55

If you remove door panel you should have access to unit

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There is a pressure release screw or bleeder on the power steering system in a 1999 Mercury Sable wagon.

where is the horn relay on my 1993 Mercury Sable located

On a 1999 Mercury Sable wagon : The fuel pump shut off switch ( inertia switch ) is in the cargo area , behind the service panel on the passenger side

Yes , the fuel pump shut off ( inertia ) switch is behind the access panel on the right side of the cargo area in your 2002 Mercury Sable wagon

" regular " unleaded , 87 octane

towing capacity of 2003 merc. sable is #1000 class 1 hitch

The ( 1997 ) Mercury Sable Owner Guide shows , for all models ( 60.6 liters / 16.0 U.S. gallons )

Open the rear liftgate on a Mercury Sable wagon and you will see the rear window washer fluid reservoir fill plug near the bottom of the passenger side tail light

According to the 1999 Mercury Sable Owner Guide : ( 60.6 litres / 16.0 U.S. gallons , all models )

All 1998 Mercury Sable vehicles have a ( 16.0 U.S. gallon fuel tank ) * according to the owners manual *

A 1998 Mercury Sable ( all vehicles ) have a ( 16.0 U.S. gallon fuel tank ) according to the owner manual

The critical piece of information is missing from the original question: which sensor of the dozens of sensors in the typical Taurus / Sable

According to the 1999 Mercury Sable Owner Guide : The 6 disc CD changer is in the trunk ( or if it is a wagon , the passenger side storage compartment in the cargo area )

99% sure enough to say... No, no airbags in the seat.

Around 3,400 lbs for a sedan and 3,550 for a wagon circa 1996-2006.

For a 1999 Mercury Sable wagon : I believe you will find the six disc CD changer ( if equipped ) in the cargo area behind the panel for the storage compartment / service compartment on the right side

According to the 2002 Mercury Sable Owner Guide : ( the 6 disc C.D. changer is either located in the center console , the trunk , or the right side of the cargo area , that would be for the wagon version )

Purchase a Purolator Cabin filter, as it comes with complete instructions.

actually yes because i have a sable wagon with 20" but you will get some rub it you don't do your homework. check some out on cardomain.con

According to one of Fords websites : For a 1992 Mercury Sable : The 3.8 liter V6 engine has spark plugs gapped at ( .054 inch ) The website does not show the 3.0 spark plug gap

You will have to take it apart to determine why it's not working then you can fix it.

Original Equipment Tire is 205/65-15 which should be listed on the drivers door post.

In the sedan it is in the trunk under the carpet . In the wagon it is behind the removable plastic panel on the drivers side of the cargo area

Under the carpet in the trunk ( on the sedan ) and behind the trim panel on the left side of the cargo area ( on the wagon )

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