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How do you change the entry door codes on a 93 Lincoln?


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2011-09-13 00:20:53
2011-09-13 00:20:53
Lincoln entry code subjectto change the primary code, a dealer must do.

to get a secondary code, the prodedure is in the owner's manual.

you might have secondary code, which are made using the primary. on some models such as 98 tarus, 88 linc cont ss, etc., there is a white sticker on the passenger trunk hinge (the thingy that holds your trunk to the body of the car), the way to id the sticker is to look and see if it is printed " *#####* ", where the "#" = a number.

lets assume the code is *54345*, you press in the order to unlock driver door, immedieately you press "3" to unlock all doors, "4" to open trunk, "8 and 9" at the same time to lock all doors/set the anti theft, etc., and there is a method for "creating" the secondary codes (which is what i think you have). as far as a dealer is concern, the only way to change the primary is by relacing the module that controls the system...


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