How do you change the factory speakers in a 1996 Plymouth Breeze?

To change the front speaker simply pry off the cover using a flat screwdriver or equivalent, next unscrew the three Philip screws, then pull the speaker plug out.

To install new speakers just revers the process. You'll probably have to cut off the factory plug so you'll also need to know which of two wires is negative and positive unless there is some kind of adapter plug that connects the factory plug with nonfactory speakers.

For the rear: first pry off both plastic side panels (where the rear seat belts runs from) and pull them down to the side along with the weather striping, next fold down the back seat and pop off the plastic molding, then pill up the rear deck cover (it may be best to pry it up from the corners) the rear speakers are now accessible; remove the four Philip screws then unplug the speaker wire. To install; reverse, the same rules apply as with the front speakers.

NOTE: the panels are fasten with pins, they look like plastic screws. When you reinstall them make sure the pins are lined up with the holes the just pop it back in. The weather stripping just pills right off and pops right back in.