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Simply remove the trim panel around it, take off the control knob and unplug it, unscrew the screws and replace it with a new one.

2006-06-28 23:48:03
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Where can you buy an ignition switch for a 1997 Geo Metro?

How do you change a fan switch on a 1997 Chevy cavalira?

how do you change a fan switch on a 1997 Chevy cavalira

Why does only the HIGH blower work on my 1997 Nissan maxima?

Your blower switch sensor is out. Replace it!Then all the speeds will work

In a 1997 Jeep Wrangler Where is the relay switch for the heater blower motor?

In a 1997 Jeep Wrangler, the relay switch for the heater blower and motor is located behind the dash. It will be directly behind the HVAC knobs behind the dashboard.

How do you replace heater blower fan switch on a 1997 Toyota RAV4?

take the old switch out, put a new one in

Why your 1997 marquis not working on low after you change resistor?

Assuming you are asking about the HVAC blower motor, check the condition of the switch and the electrical connection at the switch. And, if the original resistor was burned out the cause is usually because of the blower motor drawing too much current. If so, replace the blower motor or you will burn out another resistor soon.

How do you change a ac fan switch on a 1997 Chevy cavalira?

how do you change a ac fan switch on a 1997 Chevy cavalier

Why does the blower switch work on all but high for 1997 GMC Safari?

You need to replace the blower motor resistor. I've been there done that.

What is wrong with your 1997 s10 if the blower motor will not work?

If you have no blower speeds at all check the fuse, then check the blower motor switch and electrical plug for a melt down situation, then check the blower motor itself.

How do you replace the dimmer switch in a 1997 Honda Accord?

how to change dimmer switch on 1997 Honda accord

No blower motor speed 123 only max on Nissan Maxima 1997?

change the blower motor resistor. done deal.

Where is the blower motor for a 1997 lumina?

Where is the blower motor for a 1997 lumina located?

Where is the blower motor for a 1997 lumina located?

Where is the blower motor for a 1997 lumina?

1997 Chevy pickup the blower on ac blows on high only does nothing on lower settings have change the blower motor but did not help?

I think you should look at your fuse panels and see if you have a blown fuse . Some vehicles have a fuse for high and low blower speeds. Your problem is either the blower motor switch itself or a defective Blower Motor Resistor Pack. More than likely the Resistor Pack is defective.

How do you know what to fix on a 1997 sebring lxi the heater and ac dont come on either does the defroster?

Could ba a blown fuse for blower motor Could be a bad switch for blower motor

Pictures of the dog troy in 1997 Metro Movie?

dog troy in the film metro from 1997

How do you change the rear wiper switch in a 1997 Mercury Villager Van?

The switch just pops out of the dashboard.

The heater fan has quit in your 1997 ford escort?

Blown fuse, defective blower motor resistor pack, blower motor, or blower motor switch. This happened to me and I found a connector at the fan motor had fried. I changed the connector and it worked great.

What could be wrong with 1997 GMC K1500 Truck with the AC blower at first blowing on hi in the the low setting or low in the hi setting and now it is not working at all?

Defective blower motor switch, or defective blower motor resistor pack.

How do you repair 2002 pontica grand prix air condition blower switch numders 1-2 do not function how can I slove this problem?

You need to change the blower motor resistor (under the passenger side glove-compartment). i have a 1997 Grand Prix with the same problem. A dealer can get it done but cheaper if you get the resistor from AutoZone, etc and have a mechanic or yourself change it.

Where is the heater relay switch in 1997 Chevy blazer?

The high speed relay for the blower motor would be found under the hood, on the passenger side of the firewall, close to the blower motor speed resistor.

Your heater fan only works on your 1997 tiburon sometimes any ideas?

it is either a bad switch on your controls, or your blower motor is going out

How do you fix a 1997 ranger fan motor with no low or medium fan speed?

propably need to replace the blower control switch/resistor

Why doesn't 1997 Chevy Suburban's dash board blower work?

If the blower works on the defrost mode only, you could have a disconnected vacuum supply line coming from the engine. If the blower motor doesn't work on any mode or speed you could have a blown fuse, burned out blower motor speed resistor, bad switch or a bad blower motor.

Where is the ignition switch on a 1997 Hyundai Accent and how do you change it?

changeing ignition barral