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How do you change the fan on a comfort maker furnace?

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Turn off power at breaker. Take off doors. Remove screws from board and allow to hang out of the way. Remove screws from squirrel cage assembly and slide whole cage assembly forward out of furnace, Remove plug from blower motor (if there is one, if not it may be necessary to cut wires).

With assembly on floor remove blower motor bracket screws, replace motor with OEM only, make sure it is balanced and reverse process.

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Can the fan timer control board on a York furnace cause the furnace to continue running with the burner in operation?

yes it can fan

Is it advisable to have the furnace blower fan set to the on position at all times?

No it is not advisable. Put it on AUTO. The furnace will decide when it is practical to turn the fan on. Really. No it is not advisable. Put it on AUTO. The furnace will decide when it is practical to turn the fan on. Really.

I have an International Comfort Products Furnace Model NFCP2400D1 and want to wire it to a heat only thermostat. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

If the furnace is a single stage heat model. Use R,W and G at the stat and the furnace. This info is in the Installation Manual. R is 24 volt hot,W is heat and G is fan.

Should you leave furnace fan on?

you can leave your furnace fan run continuos, it helps even the heat in the house, it also helps with condensation on windows.

What machines start with f?


Should you run the furnace fan along with the central air to help circulate cool air threw out house?

With central air the furnace fan must be running to provide the air to the living space. If the furnace fan is not running then you get no air out of the ducts and the A-coil (the part of the ac system that is in your furnace duct) will freeze and shut down the compressor (the part that is outside).

The electric fan won't shut off?

fan on my furnace will not shut off. smash it up then

What is Furnace fan voltage?

Almost always 120 volts

Can a two-stage AC furnace be converted into a variable speed dc furnace without buying a new furnace?

With the information provided, I would say no, not for a novice. But it can be done. A new furnace would be cheaper than my fees to change it...pkazsr Elementshvac: Ask your heating contractor for a Green Ecm motor upgrade. We install quite a few of them. It essentially converts your furnace fan to a DC variable speed furnace.

Electric furnace fan blower will not shot off?

Bad low limit switch,fan switch.

Is it harmful to run fan continuously on furnace?

No it is not. If it was there would be no provision for you to do so.

Does an ac need a working outside fan to operate a furnace?


What removes the combustion gases from a balanced draft furnace?

A balanced draft has both ID and FD fans. ID Fan works by pulling the gases through the furnace hence creating the required draft. Where as FD fan pushes the gases into the furnace. Hence in a balanced draft frunace, the ID fan can said to be removing the combustion gases.

How do you turn down the Fan Speed on a N9MP2075B12A3 Furnace?

You Can't Change the Speed.Another Answer:That depends on the motor that is used in the furnace and whether it is belt drive or direct drive. Many direct drive fan motors have multiple winding connections, allowing you to change the fan speed by changing the connection to the windings. To do that, refer to the diagram on the cover plate on the side of the motor. If you are AT ALL confused by the diagram or if you haven't done something like that before, contact a heating professional or electrical contractor.Many belt drive fan motors have pulleys with multiple "steps", allowing you to change the speed that way.

Why is my fan on my ac unit not coming on when i turn the heat on?

The fan on the ac unit is only for ac. When heat is needed only the burner in the furnace turn on and is pushed throughout the house with a separate blower inside the furnace.

Why does the blower take 2 minutes to start on forced air furnace?

There is a delay on the fan to allow the furnace to get hot so as not to blow cold air into the home at start up. There is also an `OFF` delay, where the fan runs for a minute or so after the flame shuts off. This is to cool down the furnace.

How do you change the fan on a Comfortmaker furnace?

You best call some 911 help. You should have gone looked it over already with a few tools to at least open the panels to see the fan. There you might have noticed the fan mounting or motor and those little mounting screws.You have to look at it. That helps

Why does the fan on my warm air furnace blow cold air?

Either the fan is set at too high a speed or the burner did not light.

Rud furnace silheuotte II model The vent fan runs but there is no flame from the burner do what would be the problem?

The pressure switch that tells the furnace the vent fan has started and is running properly, did not close. Try tapping it lightly with a finger once the fan has started, then get it replaced. Follow the rubber hose from the vent fan to locate the pressure switch.

Why won't your Goodman heater model GMT090-3B start when the thermostate is turned up?

Check the error code on the control board at the furnace. It could be a number of things. If the furnace is not lighting, it could be the ignitor If the furnace lights then goes out right away, it could be the flame sensor If the furnace lights then goes out after several minutes, it is a limit switch. Turn the tstat fan switch to on and see if the fan comes on, if it does not you have no power to the furnace, check the breakers or cutoff switch.

Why won't my beach furnace shut off. the fan keeps blowing until i kill the power to it?

Bad fan relay or tstat.

You have an electric forced air furnace and central air. why does the central air fan run when furnace comes on?

You must have a heat pump with electric auxilliary heat.

Why induced draft fan operate first instead of a forced draft fan?

The induced draft fan is started first to produce a negative pressure in the furnace. If the forced draft fans were started first the furnace would become pressurized and products of combustion would leak out of the casing into the boiler room.

Where can I buy a bushing unit for a squrriel cage fan/blower unit in a home furnace made by American Furnace St. Louis The bushing is rubber and has a brass insert that's about 3/4 inch in diameter. Each end of the fan shaft has this bushing on it. ?

You should contact an air conditioner repear company to fix the furnace for you.

Why does a home ac blow heat until it gets about 2 degress below what it's set for and it start's blowing cool air?

That is the function of the fan/limit control on your furnace. When the thermostat nears the point where the room temp setpoint is satified it shuts off the flame. The fan/limit control keeps the fan on for a minute or so to cool the furnace down before shutting off. Conversly, if your watch your furnace at start up you will see the flame lights first but the fan does not come on for a minute or so to allow the furnace to get hot and avoid blowing cold air into the home.