How do you change the fps in Windows Movie Maker?

The quality of your final movie depends on the quality of the captured source material. Because of this, choosing an appropriate value for the Setting options is important. A good rule to follow is to record your videos or movies by using the Medium quality or High quality settings. Remember, if you want to reduce the file size, you can always save the resulting movie at a lower quality setting after you have recorded it into Movie Maker.

The different Setting options you can choose from in Movie Maker affect the following aspects of the video and sound you record:

• The display size of your movie when your end user watches it in Windows Media Player.

• The number of video frames per second.

• The video bit rate, which is the speed at which the video in your movie streams.

• The quality of the audio in your movie.

• The audio bit rate, which is the speed at which the audio in your movie streams.

For example, if you record your movie using the Medium quality or High quality settings, the video displays as 320 pixels by 240 pixels in both profiles; however, the High quality setting captures 30 frames per second (fps), whereas the Medium quality setting only captures 15 fps.

In general, the smoothness of motion in your video increases with the number of frames per second. Also, the audio quality will be greater with the High quality setting because the audio bits stream at a higher rate than they do with the Medium quality setting.

Remember, the video and sound quality of the final movie you create in Movie Maker directly depends on the quality of the original recording.