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How do you change the front axle's on a 1993 Subaru Legacy Sedan?



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Its pretty simple if you are somewhat mechanical. First remove tire, brakes, and brake rotor. You can hang the brake caliper up with a bungy cord hook the the spring on the strut. You will need a 32mm socket and a piece of pipe to use as a cheater bar to loosen and remove the axle nut (standard thread). Remove cotter pin and nut off the tie rod end. Leave nut threaded slighlty on the tie rod and hit with hammer to break tie rod free from spindle. Remove roll pin in engine side of axle with a punch and hammer. You may need to put the car in neutral to rotate the axle into a position to remove the roll pin. Remove the two 19mm bolts and nuts that attach the strut to the spindle while supporting the spindle with a floor jack. Strut may be under pressure so be careful. Tap axle lightly to separate it from the hub as you turn the spindle toward the front of the car. While tapping, be careful not to damage the threads on the axle because the core charge may be void if damage is present. This should create enough room to get the axle out of the hub and remove from spline on transmission. Clean splines with wire brush and WD40 or alternative cleaner if rusty. Apply grease to splines and reassemble in reverse order. Torque axle nut to 135 ft/lbs.