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How do you change the front brakes on a 2003 Olds Alero?

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Remove the calipers by removing the two retaining bolts then lift the caliper off. The brake pads should slide out from either side. Check the rotors for wear, grooves, polished surface. Take the rotors to a machine shop or auto parts shop that can turn the rotors for you. Most likley, the rotors are too thin to resurface and you'll need to buy new rotors. Plan on about $30 to $40 each. If you need to pull the rotors, remove the bolts that hold the caliper retaining assembly, then the rotors should pull right off. If the pads have been wearing unevenly, (worn down on the leading surface more than the trailing surface) or if one pad is more worn than the other on the same side of the vehicle, you may have a sticky caliper that isn't releasing completely. Rebuilt calipers can cost about $50.00 to $60.00 ea. New brake pads slide in from the side, just as the old ones came out. Take not of the height of the tabs on the brake pads and make sure that you put them in their right place. Just reassemble in the reverse of the way you took them off.

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The 2003 Alero does not have the hour and minute buttons to change the time. The instructions for the clock are also not in the 2003 Alero Owner Handbook either. The steps to change the time:At the top right of the radio there should be two tiny holesInsert a paperclip into one of the holes and hold it thereOnce you hear a beep you should be able to reset the time

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