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How do you change the front door speakers on a 1992 Toyota Previa?

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2007-03-15 18:28:17

The speaker size is 5 and 1/4". Above the map pocket, you will

see two squarish panels, pop these out and remove the screws. By

the door handle, there is also another screw, remove this.

Carefully, put a flat head screwdriver between the door panel and

the frame and pull away, the rest is held by plastic clips. By the

way, there is a top part and a lower part of this. You really need

to remove only the lower part. The top, just pop it open, and

inside, you will see one more screw that secures the lower panel,

near the center. Remove this also, and the whole lower section

should be loose. Don't forget to disconnect your power windows

connection, this is a simple un snap with the screw also. When you

put your new speakers in , put some insulation around it too, it

helps a lot in making the sounds more audible - any mat will


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