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How do you change the front pads and rotors on a 1994 Ford Tempo GL 4-cylinder?

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2011-09-13 00:21:33
2011-09-13 00:21:33

you will need a t-45(the manual advised and my car required a T-40) torx socket, a ratchet to fit, a slot screwdriver and a small amount of grease. 1- loosen lug nuts (don't remove) 2- jack up the car 3- place a safety stand (under sway bar knuckle is easy) 4- remove lug nuts and tire assembly 5- using a slot screwdriver pry between the inner pad and rotor (this will push the caliper piston in) 6- remove two caliper bolts with the torx socket(they are behind the caliper pointing toward you and are covered by a rubber sleeve) 7- slowly pry caliper straight out (note how pads are installed) 8- DO NOT LET THE CALIPER HANG BY HOSE!!!!!! 9- install new pads (note inner and outer are different) 10- put a small amount of grease on the caliper area that slides on the steering knuckle 11- if replacing the rotors too, slide off old rotor and slide on new rotor 12- slide caliper and pad assembly onto the rotor (sometimes you can put a lug nut on to hold the rotor straight) 13- tighten caliper bolts to 20ft.lbs (being the bolts are pointing toward you so make sure you are tightening and not loosening them) 14- reinstall you wheel and tire assembly

NOTE: always do brakes in sets not one side PUMP UP BRAKES BEFORE PUTTING THE VEHICLE IN GEAR listen for any noises on your test drive make a few light stops them let the pads cool for at least 30 minutes to seat the new pads

happy braking hope this helped x s f h p

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