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How do you change the front parking light bulb on a 1998 Mazda Millenia?


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2011-09-13 00:21:33
2011-09-13 00:21:33
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On a 98 Millenia it is actually very simple. Pop your trunk. If you look right on top of your parking light lamps you will notice some screws. Unscrew those and then you will be able to remove your parking light lamp. Replace the bulbs, snap the headlamp back in, screw it back in and then you are good. I was able to do this in less than 15 minutes and im no mechanic at all.

I tried. I failed.I paid ALOT of money to the dealer.The sleek look of the Millenia comes at a price.To replace the parking lamps you have to removethe front grill assembly, because as you havealready discovered, there's just not enough roomto access the lamp housing.

I succeeded ('95 S) it is a pain. There are three bolts to remove the first two are in front but the third is in back and you have to raise the car remove the inner wheel panel and angle the tire (or remove the wheel) and blindly place a socket on it - not easy at all,but it can be done - once you have the headlamp assembly off the car you can polish the plastic lens as well.


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