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I assume 1996 or older. Pull off framework on drivers side of vehicle. Pull trans, remove torque convertor. Remove seal and CAREFULLY tap in new one or have tranny shop do it. It sucks to do it twice! Those trans are easy to pull than the late '90's style. Dan the tranny man

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Q: How do you change the front transmission seal on a Pontiac Transport minivan that does not have overdrive and has a 3.1 engine and how difficult is it to fix?
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Transmission control unit for a 1990 Pontiac transport?

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What transmission is in 96 Pontiac sunfire 2.4 4speed automatic?

you answered it yourself, a 4 speed with overdrive

1987 Pontiac Bonneville transmission my overdrive has gone what's wrong?

torque converter solenoid not functioning/locking up.

Where to put fluid into the transmission of a 1997 Pontiac Transport mini-van?

Same place you check it.

How do you turn on overdrive in a 1995 Pontiac Vibe?

There is a button on the left side of the gear shift shaft, just underneath the shift handle (automatic transmission). Push the button to toggle the overdrive on and off.

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You can remove the linkage from the shifter to the transmission and manually shift transmission.

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start by checking the transmission fluid level when the vehicle is at normal operating temp

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yes it will as long as they both are overdrive transmissions i just did it two weeks ago

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you will probably need to have the trans rebuilt.

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