How do you change the front wheel bearing on a 1999 KIA Sportage EX?

Remove the brake calipur Remove the 6 bolts holding the hub Gently tape off the hub Gently prise out the 4 wheel drive locking device this also has two spigots to lock the wheel bearing nut. It is alloy and spigots prone to breaking. Tap off the bearing nut using a punch. Pull off hub. Fit new bearings and oil seal and replace as above. To get to the needle roller carrier bearing and oil seal: Undo the steering ball joint and crack this off. Undo and remove the top shock support leave the bottom whishbone ball joint on. pull the whole wheel assembly towards you. The 4 wheel drive shaft can now be pulled out from the rear of the wheel assembly. Replace the oil seal and the needle roller bearing. No special tools are needed for the above. Good Luck John