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The fuel filter on my '96 is underneath the car near the fuel tank. Your '97 may be similar. If you invest in a Chilton or Haynes manual, it will show and tell you exactly what you need to know. As to the stutter/shutter problem, I'm not quite sure what a stuttershudder is, but it sounds like the car may be jerking or something going up hills? This might be a stab in the dark, but I have a similar problem. When my car is very low on fuel, it will run fine on the flat, but start to hesitate and jerk on an uphill pull. I've learned that many GM cars have faulty (read that cheapass) fuel senders in the tank. The fuel guage tells you that there is plenty of fuel, but in reality, you're darned near empty. The uphill climb, I'd guess, lets fuel move away from the pick-up, and the car becomes fuel starved.

Hopefully, some of the others will be able to offer more info than I have.


2015-07-15 20:05:59
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Q: How do you change the fuel filter on a 97 pontianc sunfire GT 2.4L At highway speed the car tends to stuttershutter a bit going up a hill what is this then its fine again?
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