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The fuel filter is usually clamped somewhere on the rubber gasoline hose between the fuel tank and the carburetor. Make sure there is no gasoline in the tank and unclamp both sides of the filter to remove it. When replacing the new filter, be sure you install it the same direction as the old one was installed. If you install it backward, the fuel will not flow to the carburetot.

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What is the fuel oil mixture for an older Briggs and stratton lawn mower?

Briggs and Stratton made almost exclusively four stroke engines. There is no fuel oil mixture for a four stroke engine. Are you sure you have a two stroke engine by Briggs and Stratto? rhg

What size air filter do you use on a 12.5 hp Sabre lawn tractor?

It depends entirely on the make/model/type number of the engine it's equipped with. A common 12.5 hp engine used by older sabres is the 286707 series Briggs & Stratton I/C. It's air cleaner cartridge filter is part number 496894s. Another common 12.5 is the newer 219707 series Powerbuilt by Briggs & Stratton. It's air cleaner is part number 698413.

Did david wirrpanda have siblings?

Yes older brother Fletcher Briggs, older sister Aretha Briggs and youngest sister Rachel Briggs

How much horse power is needed for a good push lawn mower?

If you want a push mower with good power find and older one with a 3.5 or 4hp Briggs and Stratton. Or an old Lawn0Boy 2-cycle

How can I tune a Briggs and Stratton mower?

Depending on how this mower got out of tune is how you are going to know how to tune it back. It may be as simple as adjusting the mixture screw on your carburetor, or as difficult as filing the points (older engine) or replacing the diaphragms on the carburetor.

How do you find model number on a Briggs and Stratton motor?

Depands on the engine. Older ones had it stamped into the blower housing above the spark plug or muffler. Newer ones had a tag rivetted to the top of the housing or stamped into the flange above the muffler.

What brand of engine is in a troy bilt mower?

It depends on how old this particular mower is, and how large it is! Older and larger ones used to have Tecumseh motors, but tecumseh went out of business. Older and Newer smaller Troy Bilt's have had Briggs & Stratton, for some time, but depending on the durability model and how new it is; It may have a Honda motor.

Need a diagram for spirit snow blower?

The Spirit snowblower is a Murray product that came into their possession through the purchase of Noma, and has since passed on to Briggs & Stratton since its acquisition of Murray. Nothing older than 2000 is on the Murray site, but OrderTree(the online presence of Dixie Sales, I believe) has many older parts breakdowns.

How do i change oil filter on diesel fiesta?

Depends on the year or type of diesel engine. The older engines had a cannister filter whilst the latest Tdci has a replaceable paper element.

How do you change the transmission filter from a 2001 eclipse gt transmission is F4A51?

The F4A51 has an internal screen pickup. It is not servicable unless the transmission is disassebled. Older versions of this transmission had a "spin on" type filter mounted on the top, but this filter was discontinued on later models.

What is the thing that holds the air filter in older cars?

That would be the air filter housing.

How do you tune up a motorbike?

For a tune up the spark plugs and air filter will need to be changed. Most people change the oil and filter at this time. Older bikes may have points that need to be changes as well.

Can very cold diesel fuel cause loss of power in an engine?

Yes it can.... if the fuel is so cold it will start to get wax crystals in it. Therefore the engine is not getting enough fuel and you will lose power and is clogging up your fuel filter. Other reasons can be clogged air filter, fuel filter, or water in fuel. Change the air filter and drain the fuel filter or change it if it's a year old or worse older.

Do you need to bring pool pump and filter indoors?

No , if you have a D.E. filter instead of an older cartridge filter than the D.E. can get pretty messy if when you filter clean , and if you have a backwash when you backwash .

Why does your voice change when you grow older?

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Does a Nissan Sentra have a cabin air filter?

It depends what year it was made in. Some older models do not have a cabin air filter.

Oil capacity for 2002 Camry?

Most cars require 5 quarts of oil if you also change the filter. Some cars have 2 drain plugs (mostly older Lincolns). I have a 2002 Camry and with a filter change, it takes 5 quarts. Always be sure to check your dipstick mark before and after an oil change so you can monitor what's coming out and what's going in.

Why does a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engine stop after running more than a few minutes?

After sitting all winter, it could have water in the gas. Add some dry gas and fill with fresh fuel. If it's an older engine, the coil might quit working when it gets hot. Next time it stops running check to see if you still have spark at the plug.

When to change the air filter in Dodge Caravan?

Check it at every oil change or more often if you drive in dusty areas and if you have an older oil burning engine with blowby. Or if you notice higher fuel consumption or decrease in power/performance.

Where is the fuel filter on a 1980 Ford F-150?

There is always a filter in the tank and usually on older models one in the fuel line between the tank and engine, usually toward the front. It will appear as a small cannister, usually aluminum, easy to change.

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1985 fornd bronco 11 transmission slips after it warms up?

sounds like you need to change your tranny filter and fluid ( never ever have your older tranny power flushed)

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