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How do you change the fuel injection on a 1994 GMC Jimmy?


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Not sure what motor you have but the 4.3 L vorteck has a spider injector underneath the intake so pull off the manifold to locate the injector. Its like 2 or 300 dollars to replace but a common problem for that year blazer


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The fuel pump for the 1994 Jimmy is in the tank.

Most times with fuel injection it is in the tank and gets changed with the fuel pump.

well, the 93 has a spider injection unit in the intake manifold. ten bolts and a gasket...

my guess is when they left the world of carberators and went totally fuel injection,about 1994.

No it is throttle body fuel injection

Is it possible to change Ford EA fuel injection carburettor to normal carburettor?

Yes , the 1994 Ford Ranger has fuel injected engines

no not at all the motor doesnt no any different, just make sure the fuel injection is for the compression ratio of your motor. Call any company that sells fuel injection and they can set you up with the right parts, you might need to change your intake depending on the fuel injection you are buying

Fuel injection.Fuel injection.

Not sure, but I think it's in the fuel tank.

Under your intake manifold. Its a pain to change them, so do them all and clean out thee egr valve too. it is also under there.

that's hilarious. there is no "fuel injection fluid" but I'll give you a better answer if you go get me an "exhaust bearing" ROFLMAO

you probably could but would not be wise b\c ecm looks and meters fuel injection you could trough fault codes and for sure ruin your fuel economy

It doesn't have a carburetor, it has a throttle body fuel injection system.

These days all cars come with fuel injection. Cars with fuel injection do not have a carb. They do have a throttle body, which controls the air entering the engine, but unlike a carb, do not meter the fuel at the same time.

programed multi point fuel injectionProgrammed Fuel Injection

you need to completely remove the fuel tank in order to change the fuel pump which is located inside the fuel tank.

how do i change a fuel filter in a 1994 ford explorer

Carburetor, mechanical fuel injection, throttle body electronic fuel injection, ported electronic fuel injection,

fuel injection controlled by a cpu

On the 1996 GMC Jimmy, it is in the Glove compartment. There are 3 relays in there. May not be the sme on the 1994 but, this may be a good plave to look.

No, multi point fuel injection.No, multi point fuel injection.

You can change your 1986 305 cubic inch pickup engine from a carburetor to fuel injection. The problem with doing so is the cost. It might cost more to do the change than it would to purchase an engine.

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