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How do you change the fuel pump ON A 1989 VOLVO WAGON?



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if its a 240, ive done it before. there are two, of course... the one in the tank and the main, located under the backseat driver's side. You might not need to jack up the car, i didn't. remove the neg terminal and gas cap. I opened the main fuel intake on the top of the maniford and bled line prior to removing the line off of the pump. CLAMP THE LINE posterior to the pump or you will be covered in gas (no smoking by the way). There are three nuts underneath holding the rubber platform up against the car (youll see). these come out and then the line on the larger fuel filter (adjacent to the smaller pump) must be disconnected as well. Basically, three things must be disconnected: the posterior line (rubber) the electrical leads (wire-2 + -) and the gas line off of the fuel filter (smaller diameter rubber I think). DO NOT wail on that gas connection (fuel filter) unless you have very good leverage and will not strip the teeth of the rotor nut. There is only one and unless you want to go to a dealership and get another, use caution. The line to the pump was fastened with a flathead hose clamp like on the coolant line under the hood. The fuel filter IS NOT. What one actually takes out is a piece of the undercarriage which holds the two components up against the bottom of the car, fashoned with rubber "shocks". The fuel filter and the pump come out together on this "platform" and a u-joint (prob corroded) must be removed, use tons of WD40. Its prob a good idea to replace both the filter and the main pump, since its out anyway. Also, make every attempt to avoid getting any junk in the line or the components, (dirt, rocks, dust ect.). These components ar fragile and will bung up the works if they get to the intake manifold. Make sure... from the back it goes: tank, inside pump, line, main pump, THEN filter, line, intake manifold. Also, there are arrows on the new part indicating the direction of the fuel flow, don't get it backwards. Reessemble the fuel filter line first, then the pump to insure its right, the other attachment is much more forgiving to replace. then simply put it all back together. Gas cap on, main line tightened and torqued and battery lead on. don't sweat bleeding the line as the injection system will do it as it spins. Look under and make sure there is no gas pouring out... usually means the components are backwards (flow) or the attachment to the filter is not secure. All in all this was not a pleasent experience and if youhave the bread, pay someone else to do it.