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How do you change the fuel pump for a 92 Plymouth Voyager?

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August 03, 2005 12:08PM

To replace the fuel pump on a "92" Voyager: 1. Loosen and remove

both retaining straps that hold the gas tank in place and drop the

gas tank down (it is not necessary to completely remove the tank

just let it down enough to have ample room to work on the top of

the tank). 2. Remove the fuel hoses and electrical connecter 3.

Using a screwdriver and hammer gently tap the retaining ring which

is holding the fuel pump in place until it becomes disengaged. NOTE

it helps to clean away any rust before starting. After removing the

retaining ring the pump should lift up and out. 4. Install new pump

and retaining ring, connect up the hoses and elect plug. Note:

Before attemping this feat, check to see if the electical plug

matches the configuration on the old pump.

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