How do you change the fuel pump in a 2000 dodge stratus?

For your stratus the fuel pump is located inside the gas tank, you will need to unbolt the straps that hold the tank in place, or sometimes just loosen them up enough that the tank will slide out of it's strapped cradle. If the tank is full, you may want to drain as much fuel from it as you can by using a small tubed siphoning hose. If this is new to you, skip this part, and have a friend handy with a jack. You can make a cradle for the tank by screwing 3 2x4's together in an "H" pattern, center the jack on the middle 2x4 so that the two ends support either side of the tank. When the tank starts to lower, on the top of the tank itself you will see where all your wires connect to the top of the pump, and where the gas lines connect, carefully undo these lines and the plugs. Once this has been done, and the gas tank is secure, look to see if your fuel pump is fastened by screws, if it isn't, it should have an interlockin ring around it. If it has the ring, carefully use a large tip, flat bladed screwdriver, to slowly tap the ring till it unlocks. (to avoid damage to the metal ring, and avoid a spark, cover the tip with a wet rag, or damp towel. Once the ring is disengaged remove the unit out of the tank.